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Ballenger Creek Park: A Haven of Nature in Frederick County

Ballenger Creek Park in Frederick County is a true haven of nature. Operated by Frederick County Parks and Recreation, this park offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to play ball on the lighted fields, hike along the nature trails, have a picnic in the shelters, or let your furry friend roam free in the dog park, Ballenger Creek Park has something for everyone. And don’t forget to check out the Ballenger Creek Linear Park, a four-mile-long trail that connects the park to Buckeystown Pike. With endless opportunities to unplug and immerse yourself in nature, Ballenger Creek Park is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Ballenger Creek Park in Frederick County

Welcome to Ballenger Creek Park in Frederick County! This beautiful park, operated by Frederick County Parks and Recreation, offers a wide range of amenities and activities for everyone to enjoy. Located southwest of the City of Frederick, the park provides a serene and picturesque environment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ballenger Creek Park: A Haven of Nature in Frederick County

Location and Operation

Situated just southwest of the City of Frederick, Ballenger Creek Park is easily accessible for both locals and visitors. The park is operated by Frederick County Parks and Recreation, ensuring that it is well-maintained and offers a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Park Features

Ballenger Creek Park boasts a variety of features that make it a popular destination for outdoor recreation. From pristine nature trails to fully equipped ball fields, the park offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quiet hike in nature or a fun game of softball, this park has got you covered.

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To enhance your experience at Ballenger Creek Park, the park provides a range of facilities for your convenience. These include picnic shelters, restrooms, and a visitor center. Whether you’re planning a family picnic or need a place to freshen up after a long hike, these facilities cater to your needs.

Ballenger Creek Park: A Haven of Nature in Frederick County


Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by the extensive trail system at Ballenger Creek Park. The park features several well-maintained trails that allow you to explore the stunning natural beauty of the area. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or a more challenging hike, the trails cater to all skill levels.

Dog Park

For those who have furry friends, Ballenger Creek Park has a dedicated dog park where your four-legged companions can roam and play to their heart’s content. This provides a safe and secure space for dogs to socialize and exercise, ensuring that both you and your pet have a great time at the park.

Picnic Shelters

Ballenger Creek Park offers picnic shelters that are perfect for enjoying a meal amidst the beauty of the outdoors. These shelters provide a shaded space for you to relax, unwind, and bond with family and friends. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a larger event, the picnic shelters cater to your needs.

Ball Fields

Sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the fully equipped ball fields at Ballenger Creek Park. These fields are perfect for organizing friendly games or competitive tournaments. Whether you enjoy softball, baseball, or kickball, the ball fields provide a fantastic space for you to showcase your skills and have fun.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year, Ballenger Creek Park hosts a variety of events and activities for visitors of all ages. From nature walks and educational programs to sports tournaments and community gatherings, there is always something exciting happening at the park. Be sure to check the park’s event calendar for upcoming activities during your visit.

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Visitor Center

The Visitor Center at Ballenger Creek Park serves as a hub of information and assistance for visitors. Friendly staff members are ready to answer any questions you may have about the park, its facilities, and the surrounding area. Whether you’re looking for trail maps, recommendations, or general information, the Visitor Center is there to help.

In conclusion, Ballenger Creek Park in Frederick County offers a wonderful escape into nature. With its range of amenities, beautiful trails, and recreational opportunities, this park is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. So pack a picnic, grab your hiking shoes, and head over to Ballenger Creek Park for a fun-filled day of adventure and relaxation.