Frederick MD Events

Frederick MD Events

Annual Events in Frederick MD

To make the most of your time in Frederick MD during the year, don’t miss out on these annual events. Experience the unique local culture and entertainment that Frederick MD has to offer with the following events: Frederick Wine Festival, In The Street Festival, Frederick Festival of the Arts, The Great Frederick Fair, Frederick Oktoberfest, and Frederick Running Festival.

Frederick Wine Festival

Wine-lovers in Frederick eagerly anticipate the yearly event that showcases the exquisite tastes of grapes when fermented.

Savour hundreds of wines from more than 25 wineries.

Sample international edibles.

Learn from experienced wine professionals in educational seminars.

Enjoy live music throughout the day.

Take in beautiful views at the Carroll Creek Amphitheater.

Purchase souvenirs and special products.

This festival has something for everyone – even those who don’t drink wine! It’s the perfect weekend getaway with outdoor activities, family-friendly atmosphere and lush greenery.

A trip to Frederick wouldn’t be complete without trying their famous Cristallo de Piedmont truffle chocolates.

And don’t forget the excitement of the squirrel migration – rivaling In The Street Festival!

In The Street Festival

Behold! The Annual Festival of Frederick MD which lights up the town like never before. It brings together individuals and families, creating a festive atmosphere. It’s got it all:

  • Live music on multiple stages.
  • Artisan markets full of crafts, food and more.
  • A selection of international food.
  • A classic car show.
  • KidZone activities for the kids.

Plus, street performers and artists to capture your imagination. There’s something for everyone! Don’t miss out on this spectacular event. Head to Frederick MD and join the annual celebration of life! Art is in the eye of the beer-holder, so grab a cold one and enjoy!

Frederick Festival of the Arts

The Frederick Festival of the Arts is a renowned annual event in the city, boasting an array of world-class art forms – from paintings to sculptures! It’s a must-see, drawing visitors from near and far.

At the festival, you’ll find:

  • Over 110 fine artists exhibiting their work.
  • Fascinating prize competitions.
  • The event takes place at Carroll Creek Linear Park yearly.
  • Jazz, folk, and classical performances.
  • A children’s area with plenty of activities.
  • A selection of scrumptious food trucks.

Plus, you can have the chance to chat with the talented artisans who crafted and showcased their artwork – what an amazing bonus!

You may not know, but there is an indoor studio tour, perfect for those seeking more private art appreciation. Visit for more information!

Lastly, don’t forget about the Great Frederick Fair – where you can go from farm animals to fried Oreos faster than a pig can squeal!

The Great Frederick Fair

Every year, thousands gather to the Frederick County Fairgrounds for the Great Frederick Fair! It lasts for a week in September and has a variety of exhibitions and activities, such as livestock shows, agricultural displays, concerts, and carnival rides.

Local vendors offer delicious food and you can participate in competitions or contests. Plus, there’s live entertainment ranging from country music to famous performers like Demi Lovato and Toby Keith.

If you’re planning to attend this year, make sure to check the website ahead of time to purchase tickets and learn about event schedules. Don’t miss out on all the excitement – it would be regretful!

Frederick Oktoberfest

Celebrate German culture with Frederick’s famous annual event! Feast on authentic food, music, and beer – locals from all over the city join in the fun.

Try your luck in the sausage-eating contest, or catch some live shows. The festivities last two days at the Frederick Fairgrounds.

Capture the memories of this incredible cultural experience – take lots of photos! Or join the Frederick Running Festival and regret every life decision!

Frederick Running Festival

Celebrate Fitness and Health in Downtown Frederick!

Each year, athletes of all levels flock to the city’s downtown core for a lively event. It features three events: a 5K, half marathon and team relay.

  • The races begin and end at Baker Park.
  • Post-race, there’s a fun party with music and local vendors.
  • Local artists and performers showcase their talents, giving visitors a taste of the city.

The festival is also known for its focus on community outreach and charity initiatives. City leaders support and promote this recreational event.

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Rumors of a “Frederick Yeti” spotted at the park on race day have been circulating, but there’s no proof.

Experience the health benefits of live performances – no therapy required! Come to Frederick MD for music and theatre events.

Music and Theatre Events in Frederick MD

To explore the best music and theatre events in Frederick MD, here’s the solution with the sub-sections – Weinberg Center for the Arts, Frederick Symphony Orchestra, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, and Frederick Community College Theatre. Each of these venues offers a unique experience that will leave you feeling entertained and inspired.

Weinberg Center for the Arts

This cultural gem in downtown Frederick offers a variety of events, from live music to theatrical performances. It packs historic charm with modern amenities like sound and lighting systems.

The Weinberg Center has something for everyone, from classical music to comedy nights. Plus, you’ll be immersed in the art.

Plus, they have educational programs for students and young audiences to help inspire creativity.

Recently, there was a spectacular performance by a Grammy-winning band, leaving no doubt that it’s a prime destination for music and theatre. So get ready to be amazed by the Frederick Symphony Orchestra.

Frederick Symphony Orchestra

The Frederick Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit organization. Its goal? To provide live orchestral performances at affordable prices.

At their concerts, a talented ensemble of musicians plays classical and contemporary music. Plus, stage-lighting adds to the atmosphere.

Experience the beauty of music! Enjoy the perfect blend of drums, pianos, and strings. Immerse yourself in melodic compositions that’ll touch your heart.

The orchestra also offers education programs for music-lovers of all ages and levels. So, get ready to laugh, cry, and have your mind blown by the Frederick Symphony Orchestra. It’s like therapy, but with singing and dancing!

Maryland Ensemble Theatre

The Maryland Ensemble Theater is renowned for its quality and creativity, offering a range of shows from classical to new works. With its diverse cast of local and national talents, visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

It’s an integral part of the cultural scene, hosting events throughout the year that cater to everyone’s taste. Plus, its convenient downtown Frederick location means you can grab a pre/post-show meal at nearby restaurants and cafes.

For an immersive theater experience, check out METX productions where you can become part of the show. Book ahead for preferred seats and don’t miss out!

And, for an extra special show, head to Frederick Community College Theatre – even the fire alarms are part of the performance!

Frederick Community College Theatre

The Community College in Frederick proudly presents theatrical productions year-round! See drama, comedy, and musicals in an intimate setting. Plus, Frederick has amazing dining options. Come early for the best seats and take advantage of the nearby restaurants.

Ready to prove your dad wrong? Check out the sports events in Frederick MD!

Sports Events in Frederick MD

To explore sports events in Frederick MD, you can immerse yourself in the multitude of events that are available. Looking for exciting Frederick Keys Baseball Games, heart-pumping Frederick Rugby Club Games, or thrilling Frederick Wrestling Club Tournaments? We’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about each of these sub-sections and find the perfect sports event that suits your interests.

Frederick Keys Baseball Games

The Frederick Keys, a Triple-A minor league baseball team, host exciting sports events in Frederick, MD. The stadium can accommodate 5,400 fans to cheer on top-tier players. Get your tickets online or at the venue to enjoy high-energy entertainment and concessions.

Come match day, the Frederick Keys Stadium buzzes with excitement. It’s not just about baseball – there’s a blend of traditional American culture and food for the whole family. Plus, affordable ticket prices make it an unforgettable experience.

The Keys have a rich history; they’ve been around since 1989, affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles. They’ve embraced technological advancements and are dedicated to their Maryland community. They remain an integral part of Maryland’s professional sports industry.

Frederick Rugby Club Games

Witness the adrenaline-filled Rugby Games hosted by Frederick’s local club. An unforgettable experience awaits those who gather at Baker Park to observe the athletic prowess of the players on the field.

Cheers from excited fans accompany each skillful play. The club is committed to creating a community of respect, hard work, and inclusivity.

You can get involved with the club through volunteering or joining their youth programs. Last season was full of amazing moments, including a memorable game where the Frederick team triumphed over a rival team. A testament to the talent and determination of these athletes! So come on down for the Frederick Wrestling Club Tournaments: where athleticism meets a sweaty hug fest.

Frederick Wrestling Club Tournaments

Frederick hosts thrilling wrestling events through the ‘Frederick Mat Fighting Championships.’ Events are open to all skill levels with weight classes for both boys and girls. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and support during events. A referee trains participants on proper move execution and emphasizes following guidelines. Flexible registration options are available for individuals and teams.

The championship is known for its fair-play attitude and ethical code of conduct. Women’s division has seen growth in recent years, due to coaches and trainers providing exceptional training. Alumnus of the club have gone on to compete professionally, one even becoming a silver medalist at an international championship.

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Art and Culture Events in Frederick MD

To immerse yourself in the world of art and culture events in Frederick MD, the perfect solution is to explore the section on Art and Culture Events with its exciting sub-sections: First Saturday Art Walk, Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick, Barbarossa Art Gallery Events, and Delaplaine Arts Center Exhibitions.

First Saturday Art Walk

Explore Art & Culture in Frederick MD on the First Weekend!

The first Saturday of each month brings art-admirers to Frederick MD. A one-of-a-kind experience awaits, with chances to mingle with creatives, observe various styles, and even buy artwork from the artists. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check out art galleries that show local and out-of-town work.
  • Take part in workshops on the creative process & culture.
  • Enjoy delicious eats from outdoor food trucks & fancy restaurants.
  • Let your kids explore new perspectives through interactive activities.
  • Catch a shuttle for easy commutes.

Wander historic downtown streets and listen to live performances. Pop-up exhibitions reveal unique creations by renowned local artists. Leave your comfort zone and enjoy a secure, entertaining atmosphere filled with creativity. Don’t miss out! Plus, take the Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick for a haunted house tour without risk to your security deposit.

Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick

Explore the eerie atmosphere of Frederick from centuries ago with a spine-tingling guided tour. Let your guide take you through the haunted streets and share stories of restless spirits and tragic events that form local folklore. As you wander through the historic district, immerse yourself in ghostly history and uncover what really happened in the past and how it still haunts these places.

The Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick offer a unique way to experience the city’s culture while exploring macabre legends. You’ll be taken to dark alleys and cemeteries, where paranormal events have occurred. Plus, you can learn about old buildings and public sites with hidden secrets, some of which manifest themselves as apparitions or mysterious noises. As you’re captivated by this spooky hour-long journey, you might make theories about what causes such sightings or link them with urban myths.

If you’re drawn to mysteries, the Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick is a must-do event. This historical journey allows you to uncover secrets deep within these creepy sites and adds new layers to Frederick’s past beyond textbooks or archives.

Barbarossa Art Gallery Events

Delve into the art and culture hub at Frederick MD’s Barbarossa Art Gallery. Enjoy live music performances, Cedar Creek Writers Series, expert-led private tours, and a rotating roster of guest artist receptions. The 14,000 square-foot space oozes sophistication and offers captivating historic and contemporary structures.

Be a part of the beauty of art! Book your tickets now to experience unforgettable exhibitions.

For another cultural experience, visit Delaplaine Arts Center. Here, the only thing darker than the paintings may be the thoughts of the brooding artists.

Delaplaine Arts Center Exhibitions

The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick MD is a must-visit for art and culture lovers. It offers many remarkable exhibitions on an ongoing basis. Here are some highlights:

  • Collections from renowned artists
  • Displays in different mediums such as photography, sculpture, and painting
  • Art pieces from local talents – from newcomers to established figures
  • Affordable quarterly workshops to meet inspiring artists, academics, and curators
  • Outdoor events that let you explore your creative expression

Plus, the Center hosts a variety of cultural events like Artomatic, music workshops, and more. Paul had a special moment when he saw his favorite artist’s exhibit. He was overwhelmed by the experience. Visit Frederick MD and get into the festive spirit with these events!

Holiday Events in Frederick MD

To make the most of this holiday season in Frederick, MD, check out the holiday events that await you. Bring on the festive cheer with the Frederick Christmas Show, Candlelight Tour of Historic Frederick, and Frederick Festival of Lights. Keep reading to discover more about each of these exciting events and plan your visit accordingly.

Frederick Christmas Show

Are you looking for a festive event in Frederick? Look no further than the Yuletide Village Craft Show! This yearly event has plenty of Christmas joy. Here are some of its highlights:

  • Local artisans with their one-of-a-kind, handmade crafts.
  • Vendors giving out hot cocoa and other festive eats.
  • A chance to meet Santa!
  • A wonderful winter wonderland atmosphere with festive decorations.
  • Supporting local businesses while getting into the holiday spirit.

Don’t miss out on this delightful Christmas experience. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the Yuletide Village Craft Show!

Hurry up though; this amazing event is only here for a short while. Put it in your calendar right away!

Candlelight Tour of Historic Frederick

This winter, explore Frederick’s history in a unique way with a Candlelight Walk! Enjoy the starry night and chilly winds as you stroll through the cobbled streets. A knowledgeable guide will lead you through the area’s distinguished inhabitants, culture, and architecture.

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Witness certain places such as Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, Barbara Fritchie House, and Roger Brooke Taney House. Hear tales of daring escapes and bartering legends that have shaped the area. At Roger Brooke Taney’s house, learn about his decisions that created strong precedence for Dred Scott cases.

The Candlelight Tour also visits Barbara Fritchie House, which was immortalized by John Greenleaf Whittier’s famous poem. Finally, end your holiday season with the dazzling display of the Frederick Festival of Lights. Even the Grinch would be impressed!

Frederick Festival of Lights

Delight in the holiday season with a delightful display of lights and festivities at the annual event in Frederick. Witness captivating illuminations, mesmerizing music, and themed decorations that draw in locals and travelers from all around.

Stroll through the luminous walkway and be amazed by over 650K bulb displays lined up all throughout the park. Plus, there are plenty of entertainment options such as live music concerts, interactive workshops, and yummy treats from local vendors!

Don’t miss out on the kid-friendly Christmas village. Kids can write letters to Santa, build Elf shelves, and even meet-n-greet with Santa himself! Enjoy a winter wonderland and make lasting memories.

Last year, families enjoyed blankets of snow as they visited the food stalls. Despite their frozen faces from hours of lantern-watching in chilly weather, everyone – young and old – had a grand time. So, expand your mind (or at least pretend to) with these ‘educational’ events in Frederick!

Educational and Learning Events in Frederick MD

To discover educational and learning events in Frederick MD, explore the Frederick County History Lecture Series, DIY Workshop at The Muse, and Science Saturdays at Delaplaine Arts Center. Each of these sub-sections offers a unique solution for those seeking to expand their knowledge and engage in hands-on learning.

Frederick County History Lecture Series

The informative lecture series on Frederick County History takes you back in time! It’s perfect for history enthusiasts and provides a comprehensive view of the area’s heritage. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the county’s past and how it shaped it to be what it is today. Speakers offer unique perspectives and trivia that can’t be found elsewhere. Plus, the intimate setting allows for discussions and networking.

These events offer more than just traditional learning. They provide an immersive experience, giving attendees the chance to understand life in Frederick County during different time periods. Local historians have revealed that Francis Scott Key’s family was living on their farm when he was commissioned during the War of 1812. They even helped support his efforts.

Get ready to put your hands to work and your wallet to rest at The Muse’s DIY Workshop in Frederick MD.

DIY Workshop at The Muse

At The Muse, you can join a hands-on workshop to improve your DIY skills. Here’s a guide:

  1. Pick from woodworking or macrame workshops.
  2. Buy tickets online early – spots run out quickly.
  3. Bring any required materials as outlined in the workshop description.
  4. Learn from experienced instructors and take home a finished project.
  5. Share your experience on social media using the hashtag provided.

The Muse also offers various other educational workshops for everyone. Did you know Frederick County named The Muse “Best Creative Space”? At Delaplaine Arts Center, get your science and art fix with Science Saturdays.

Science Saturdays at Delaplaine Arts Center.

Every Saturday, the Delaplaine Arts Center puts on an event for Frederick MD residents. It’s focused on science and education. Everyone can join in on hands-on activities that show off the wonders of science. Participants get to meet talented scientists and artists who present their knowledge in an entertaining and informative way. These activities stimulate attendees’ curiosity and teach them about space, chemistry, biology, geology and more.

Science Saturdays are perfect for those wanting to learn more. Researchers present cutting-edge information about bioprinting, gene editing and other topics. A previous attendee reported gaining insight into genetic engineering and creating a new research project idea. It’s a great hub for novices to connect with experienced professionals and further their research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of events can I expect in Frederick, MD?
A: Frederick, MD hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including festivals, concerts, parades, markets, and cultural celebrations. Whether you’re into music, food, art, or history, there is something for everyone in Frederick.

Q: When is the best time to visit Frederick for events?
A: Frederick has events throughout the year, but the best time to visit for events is during the summer and fall months. Some popular events during this time include the Frederick Festival of the Arts, the Frederick County Fair, and the Colorfest Arts and Crafts Festival.

Q: Are there any free events in Frederick?
A: Yes, there are many free events in Frederick, including outdoor concerts and movies, farmers markets, and art shows. Check out the Frederick City website or the Frederick County Tourism website for a complete list of free events.

Q: Can I purchase tickets for events in advance?
A: Yes, many events in Frederick offer advance ticket sales. You can purchase tickets online or through local vendors. Tickets for some events may also be available at the door, but it’s best to check in advance to avoid disappointment.

Q: Are there any family-friendly events in Frederick?
A: Yes, there are many family-friendly events in Frederick, including the annual Summer Concert Series at Baker Park, the Oktoberfest celebration, and the Great Frederick Fair. Many events also offer activities and attractions specifically for children.

Q: Where can I find more information on events in Frederick, MD?
A: For more information on events in Frederick, MD, visit the Frederick City website, the Frederick County Tourism website, or check local event calendars and social media pages. You can also contact the Frederick Visitor Center for recommendations and information.

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