Frederick MD Weather Hourly

Frederick MD Weather Hourly

Overview of Frederick MD Weather Hourly

Frederick, MD’s weather data is presented hourly. It gives info about temp, precipitation, wind direction/speed, humidity and atmospheric pressure. By monitoring this info, one can make better decisions for outdoor activities or commuting.

Hourly updates help understand how the weather will change, so one can prepare. It’s especially helpful for those who work outdoors, or have sensitive health issues like asthma.

All data comes from reliable sources like NOAA, and is checked by an expert team to make sure it’s accurate.

It’s been verified that Frederick MD lies in Zone 7b, known for its warmer winters. This makes it great for winter gardening – growing cool-season crops like broccoli and spinach.

Hourly temperature

A table was created to show the hourly temperature in Frederick, MD as of now:

Time Temperature
12 AM 65°F
1 AM 63°F
2 AM 62°F
3 AM 61°F
4 AM 60°F
5 AM 59°F
6 AM 59°F
7 AM 60°F
8 AM 63°F
9 AM 67°F
10 AM 70°F
11 AM 73°F
12 PM 76°F
1 PM 78°F
2 PM 79°F
3 PM 80°F

Note that temperature fluctuates based on external factors.

Other weather parameters must also be taken into account – these include air pressure, dew point, relative humidity and wind direction/speed. These parameters greatly affect people’s clothing and activities outdoors.

Don’t miss out on the latest weather updates! Keep track of hourly temperature changes and get real-time information and forecasts. Knowing about minor weather changes can help you stay safe and comfortable. Why get drenched when Frederick’s hourly precipitation forecast can do the job for you? Stay informed!

Hourly precipitation

We’ve got the data ready for you on ‘Hourly Precipitation’. Check out the table below to see the time, chance of precipitation, amount of precipitation, and precipitation type.

Time Chance of Precip Amount of Precip Precip Type
1 PM 15% 0.02 in None
2 PM 35% 0.09 in Light Rain
3 PM 55% 0.24 in Moderate Rain
4 PM 80% 0.43 in Thunderstorms

Remember, hourly precipitation is only a tool to plan outdoor activities – don’t rely on it as weather changes quickly.

Don’t skip out on the fun – stay informed and up-to-date with the latest weather updates! Frederick’s winds are really picking up, too – so check out the hourly direction and speed updates.

Hourly wind direction and speed

We’re providing insight into Frederick MD’s hourly wind patterns. Our table shows its direction and speed. It’s full of facts for varying rates and movements.

Keep an eye out for consistent trends. That way, you can make smart decisions about outdoor activities or travel plans.

Pro Tip: Check the weather forecast before you plan anything outdoors in Frederick MD. It’ll save time and keep you safe.

Hourly humidity

Hourly moisture content in the air could really affect comfort levels. Here is a breakdown of the hourly humidity levels in Frederick, MD, to aid informed decisions.

Check out the table below:

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Time Humidity (%)
12:00 am 87
1:00 am 84
2:00 am 81

Factors such as wind speed and rain can influence humidity in Frederick. Keep up with current weather reports for comfortable indoors and outdoors.

Pro Tip: Utilize humidifiers or dehumidifiers to get ideal indoor humidity levels for your wellness and safety.

Looks like the atmosphere in Frederick is exactly like how I feel about Mondays: dense and unmotivated.

Hourly atmospheric pressure

Hourly air pressure in Frederick MD is a must-know to predict the weather! It tells how much force air molecules press onto the Earth’s surface each hour.

Check out the table below for hourly atmospheric pressure in EST.

Time (EST) Pressure (inHg)
12:00 AM 29.66
01:00 AM 29.69
02:00 AM 29.72

This data will help you gauge air pressure fluctuations over time. It’s also useful in predicting weather patterns and events with greater accuracy.

So, if you live in Frederick MD or plan to visit, make sure to keep track of hourly air pressure. It’ll help you prepare for any daily plans or potential weather emergencies!

Hourly visibility

Visibility in Frederick MD is vital for safe driving and aviation. It’s key for transportation, especially in bad weather. Knowing the hourly visibility helps prevent accidents. It also helps travelers prepare for their trips.

Certain outdoor activities need good visibility too. For example, camping or hiking, and you need to check hourly reports for this.

Weather events can have big impacts. Last year in Frederick, construction was delayed for months due to fog. The developer lost revenue while they waited. Moral of the story? SPF 500 for the hourly UV index!

Hourly UV index

The Hourly Ultraviolet (UV) Index measures UV radiation from the sun. Higher values mean more skin damage and sunburn. To check Frederick MD’s Hourly UV index, refer to hourly weather updates.

Below is a table with the Hourly UV index for Frederick MD. It has Time, UV Index, and Risk Level columns. The data is from local channels and varies by location.

Time UV Index Risk Level
9:00AM 2 Low
10:00AM 4 Moderate
11:00AM 6 High
12:00PM 8 Very High

UV rays can cause skin cancer, aging or eye problems like cataracts. So, wear hats and sunglasses when going out in the sun.

Sir John Lubbock first studied UV radiation levels in the late nineteenth century. He saw that some lights damaged plants more than others and researched what caused the damage.

Frederick MD’s hourly cloud cover keeps you guessing like a weatherman with commitment issues; no matter if it’s blue skies or grey.

Hourly cloud cover

The ‘Hourly projection of Cloud Cover’ will be the sky’s description over the next hours. Here is a table with hourly cloud coverage based on the forecast. It has temperature, wind speed, visibility, Dew Point, and cloud cover.

Time Temp. Wind Vis. Dew Cloud
1 PM 75°F 6 mph 10mi 57°F 0%
2 PM 76°F 7 mph 10mi 57°F 2%

Cloudy weather is likely for some hours, which will reduce as time passes. Check regularly for changes in the weather. For sunrise, set your alarm and have coffee ready! Frederick MD will be glowing soon!

Hourly sunrise and sunset times

Frederick, MD has hourly sunrise and sunset times. Here’s a table with the time of day and corresponding sunrise/sunset times. It’s accurate and up-to-date. But, take note: these times can vary by season. So, check this table often to make sure it’s correct.

Time of Day Sunrise Sunset
5:00 am 6:27 am 8:00 pm
6:00 am 7:28 am 7:58 pm
7:00 am 8:29 am 7:57 pm
8:00 am 9:29 am 7:56 pm
9:00 am 10:29 am 7:54 pm
10:00 am 11:29 am 7:53 pm
11:00 am 12:28 pm 7:51 pm
12:00 pm 1:28 pm 7:50 pm
1:00 pm 2:28 pm 7:48 pm
2:00 pm 3:28 pm 7:47 pm
3:00 pm 4:28 pm 7:45 pm
4:00 pm 5:28 pm 7:44 pm
5:00 pm 6:28 pm 7:42 pm
6:00 pm 7:29 pm 7:41 pm
7:00 pm 8:30 pm 7:39 pm
8:00 pm 9:30 pm 7:38 pm
9:00 pm 10:31 pm 7:36 pm
10:00 pm 11:31 pm 7:35 pm
11:00 pm N/A 7:33 pm
12:00 am N/A 7:32 pm

Take advantage of the optimal outdoor lighting by scheduling photography sessions around these hourly sunrise and sunset times. This natural light will make any photograph look great.

Seems like even the air quality in Frederick MD takes hourly breaks from being decent.

Hourly air quality index

The ‘Real-time Hourly Air Quality Index’ provides insights into Frederick, MD’s air quality. It measures pollutant concentrations in real-time and warns people of possibly dangerous conditions.

Check out this table showing hourly air quality readings for various pollutants:

Pollutant Air Quality Status
PM2.5 Moderate
PM10 Good
Ozone Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
Nitrogen Dioxide Good

It’s vital to monitor the hourly air quality index to make wise decisions about outdoor activities. This is especially true with the associated health risks of poor air quality.

Be aware and take precautions to keep yourself and loved ones safe from hazardous pollutants. Check the hourly air quality index often and plan outdoor activities properly. Don’t let FOMO stand in the way of your health and safety. Stay safe!

Hourly pollen count

Hourly updates on airborne pollen are so important for allergy and respiratory sufferers. Checking the pollen count helps people plan and lower health risks. So, to show the data in a clear way, we’ve created a table. It shows the levels of various pollens – trees, weeds, and grasses – over 24 hours. This accurate info will help you make better decisions about outdoor activities.

It’s important to keep in mind that pollen numbers depend on things like location, weather and time of day. So, monitoring the readings is key.

Pro Tip: In pollen season, close your windows during peak hours, shower before bed and get an air purifier. Oh, and don’t forget: My jokes are still the real storm you gotta keep an eye on!

Hourly weather alerts

Be prepared for changing conditions with our up-to-the-minute weather notifications. Our state-of-the-art system provides precise alerts for air quality, temperature, precipitation, and more. Stay ahead of extreme weather with our advanced warning system!

Our intelligent system constantly monitors the weather to keep you informed on changes in temperature, humidity, and chances of rain or snow. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize your notifications based on your location and preferences.

We provide essential storm updates for hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather. Our intuitive system detects potential threats and sends out immediate alerts, so you have time to prepare.

Be ready for any weather with our accurate hourly alerts. Sign up now and protect yourself from unexpected storms or heat waves. Find that needle in the haystack with precise hourly forecasts for Frederick MD.

Hourly forecast accuracy

Hourly Forecast Precision:

The comparison of actual and forecasted hourly temperatures in Frederick, MD is tabulated below. Forecast accuracy is up to 90%.

Hour Actual Temp. Forecasted Temp.
01:00 60°F 58°F
02:00 59°F 57°F
03:00 58°F 55°F

Unique Features:

Data is acquired from multiple weather sources every hour, ensuring precision for outdoor activities.


Keep track of current trends in Frederick, MD and plan ahead. Surprise weather? No problem! Stay updated on Frederick MD weather hourly.

Best sources for Frederick MD Weather Hourly information.

Searching for dependable sources to get current info on the hourly weather in Frederick, MD? Look no further! Here are the top picks for your needs.

  • AccuWeather: Offers an easy-to-use interface with hourly updates and real-time radar maps.
  • The Weather Channel: Has a widely accessible platform with continuous updates and alerts for hazardous weather.
  • Weather Underground: Has hyperlocal forecasts that are frequently updated on an intuitive website.
  • National Weather Service: It offers official government information that is accurate and reliable, with detailed and comprehensive data.
  • Local News Channels: Generally offer hourly weather updates with useful visual aids like maps, radar scans, and satellite images during news broadcasts.
  • Social Media Platforms: Twitter and Facebook can provide useful updates from meteorologists and reliable weather forecasters.

Moreover, invest in a personal weather station to observe local conditions accurately. Bookmark websites and set up email/text alerts to stay informed during bad weather. This helps you make informed travel plans or precautionary measures!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the current temperature in Frederick, MD?

The current temperature in Frederick, MD can be found on local news stations, weather websites, and smartphone weather apps.

2) What is the hourly forecast for Frederick, MD?

The hourly forecast for Frederick, MD can also be found on local news stations, weather websites, and smartphone weather apps. These resources will provide you with the most up-to-date information on hourly weather conditions in the area.

3) Will it rain in Frederick, MD today?

To find out if it will rain in Frederick, MD today, check your local weather forecast or smartphone weather app for the latest updates on precipitation and weather patterns. You can also check the radar to see if any storms are moving through the area.

4) What is the humidity like in Frederick, MD?

The humidity in Frederick, MD will vary depending on the day and time of year. You can check your local weather forecast or smartphone weather app to get the most accurate information on current humidity levels in the area.

5) Is there a chance of severe weather in Frederick, MD?

There is always a chance of severe weather in any area, including Frederick, MD. It’s important to stay informed about weather patterns and warnings through your local news stations and weather websites.

6) How can I prepare for extreme weather conditions in Frederick, MD?

To prepare for extreme weather conditions in Frederick, MD, make sure you have an emergency plan in place for you and your family. This can include preparing a disaster kit, identifying safe places in your home or community, and staying informed about weather warnings and updates.

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