H Mart Frederick MD

H Mart Frederick MD

Introduction to H Mart Frederick MD

H Mart in Frederick MD is a top-notch Korean-American grocery chain. It provides an array of Asian groceries, fresh seafood, meats, and produce. It has a wide selection of imports from different Asian countries. Shopping at this store is an enjoyable experience for locals and visitors alike. Plus, there are daily discounts and special promotions.

It’s the ideal place for anyone who loves quality food products. H Mart is on Key Parkway Drive. It has all the modern amenities for grocery needs and blends traditional Korean items with western foods.

H Mart has spread across 28 states in America. There are over 61 locations. Their goal is to offer quality products at affordable prices and serve customers with honesty.

The store started in Woodside, Queens. Since then, it has welcomed Asians and non-Asians. It promises a culture where everyone feels accepted. Plus, it offers premium-quality products.

Even if the history of H Mart Frederick MD is boring, the location is exciting. You’ll want to ditch the take-out menu.

H Mart Frederick MD location and history

H Mart in Frederick, Maryland, has a storied history and prime location. It’s a famous Korean-American chain, renowned for its vast variety of fresh produce, seafood, and specialty items. The unbeatable prices and excellent customer service make it the top choice for grocery shopping.

Located near Interstate 270, H Mart Frederick is easily accessible. Inside, discover a large selection of international foods. Plus, find household goods and beauty products. This store has become a popular destination for locals looking for unique items.

Of its 9 U.S locations, H Mart Frederick MD stands out. It emphasizes Korean culture through authentic food and products. Shop for traditional ingredients like gochugaru (red pepper powder). Indulge in favorite K-dramas at the DVD section. Sample freshly-made dishes from the food court.

In 1982, the first H Mart store opened in Queens, NY, with only one employee – the owner, Brian Kwon. Now, the privately held company employs over 15,000 people. Their vision is to represent diverse cultures through high quality Asian cuisine. H Mart Frederick MD embodies this ethos with premium food sourced worldwide.

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Explore the aisles of H Mart Frederick MD. Find unbeatable products and kimchi in bulk. Enjoy bright fluorescent lights, and discover new foods!

H Mart Frederick MD store layout and features

To explore the H Mart Frederick MD store layout and features, the solution lies in walking you through the fresh produce section, meat and seafood section, bakery and deli section, Asian food section, and household and beauty section.

Fresh produce section

The produce section at H Mart Frederick MD is a vibrant and colorful space. An array of fresh vegetables, such as spinach, kale, broccoli and bok choy, are available. Plus, a variety of fruits including apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, jackfruit and durian. Shopping here offers an experiential browsing experience. The aroma of the fresh produce creates an ambiance for all customers.

Fun Fact: Over 50% of people make weekly trips to buy fresh produce, according to Market Watch data from 2019.

Fish won’t believe their eyes at the selection of meat and seafood in the H Mart Frederick store.

Meat and seafood section

At H Mart Frederick MD, shoppers can find a special section dedicated to a wide array of meats and seafood.

The Meat and Seafood Section boasts the freshest selection of top-quality products.

Customers can choose from fish such as salmon and tuna, and meat cuts like sirloin, tenderloin, and filet mignon.

Organic and special diets, such as kosher or halal, are catered for too.

The selection includes sauces and seasonings for delicious meat and seafood dishes.

H Mart works with local farmers to ensure the highest quality meat and seafood products.

Bakery and deli section

At H Mart’s Frederick MD store, the Bakery and Deli Section is a must-see. It boasts an array of Asian-inspired goodies, like mochi donuts, boba buns, and cream puffs. Plus, freshly sliced deli meats and charcuterie boards with premium cheese varieties.

Sandwiches are also up for grabs. Pre-made options range from traditional Korean-style sandwiches to healthier options. Think seasoned beef bulgogi on a fresh baguette with pickled vegetables!

The Bakery and Deli Section is health-conscious too. It uses whole wheat flour instead of bleached all-purpose flour for healthier baked goods. So, let’s wok and roll in the Asian food section at H Mart Frederick!

Asian food section

H Mart in Frederick MD offers a grand selection of Pan-Asian Cuisines from countries like Japan, Thailand, China, Korea, India and more. The table provides customers with Country of Origin and Popular Dishes columns for a true and accurate view of the options. Savour some Korean rice cakes or a Hot Pot dish for an exquisite experience. Additionally, don’t forget to ask for guidance or samples to try something new.

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Finally, explore the wide range of household and beauty products at H Mart; from your head to your Tupperware!

Household and beauty section

The store section has items for both household and personal care. From cleaning products to beauty items, customers can find it all. There are popular brands and unique ones too.

Cleaning supplies include multipurpose cleaners, sprays, and detergents. Skincare and haircare items from brands like Tony Moly and Etude House are available. A special feature is the face masks from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and more. Sheet masks offer benefits like hydration and brightening.

Staff are available to answer questions and give recommendations. You’ll want to check out H Mart Frederick MD for household items and beauty indulgences. Put on your pants and experience it yourself!

H Mart Frederick MD online shopping options

H Mart Frederick MD offers a great online shopping experience. Access their website from anywhere, and start ordering! Here are some features of their online store:

  • No fuss shopping for groceries.
  • Delivery or curbside pickup options.
  • Filter your search with various categories.
  • Exclusive online deals and offers.
  • Discounts and promotions only for online shoppers.
  • Recipes and cooking tips.

Plus, they offer bilingual (English and Korean) online support, so even non-Korean speakers can find what they need.

A customer had a great experience with their online order service. She ordered 30+ items and received them in perfect condition. Delivery was fast, and she found the process to be smooth overall.

Be sure to take advantage of H Mart Frederick MD’s amazing deals. Shop there and save big!

H Mart Frederick MD deals and promotions

Are you looking for exclusive offers and discounted deals at H Mart Frederick MD? Don’t miss out! Get the latest promotions today.

  • Discounts on all kinds of products such as fresh produce, meat, seafood, snacks and beverages.
  • Smart Card membership program for extra discounts.
  • Weekly flyers to explore new deals.
  • Download the H Mart app for more unique deals.
  • Minimum purchase value for free gifts. Special events to win prizes and gift cards.

Plus, seasonal events and festivals with exclusive discounts and sales. Lunar New Year? Thanksgiving Day? Great deals that are hard to resist.

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Start exploring now! Get these fantastic deals and save big. Customers rate H Mart Frederick MD five stars. Did they find their favorite obscure Korean snacks?

Customer reviews of H Mart Frederick MD

H Mart Frederick MD is the place to be for customers in search of quality Asian groceries and specialty food items! Fresh produce, seafood, and meat make cooking delicious Asian dishes at home a breeze. Kimchi, sushi, and other ready-to-eat delicacies are hard to find elsewhere – plus, the store has excellent customer service and sanitization facilities, especially during the pandemic.

Additionally, a wide selection of cookware and cooking utensils help customers prepare traditional meals. A trip to H Mart will give you a truly Oriental experience. One friend quips that she discovered her love for Korean cuisine after ordering from H Mart online during lockdown.

Foodies and pun-lovers alike will have a soy-sational time at H Mart Frederick MD!

Conclusion and final thoughts on H Mart Frederick MD

Exploring H Mart in Frederick MD? It’s a great option for Asian products and fresh produce! Well-maintained, with excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

The store layout can be confusing. But staff are always ready to help.

We definitely recommend it! For all your Asian cuisine needs.

Pro Tip: Check out weekly specials and sign up for the loyalty program. Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is H Mart Frederick MD?

H Mart Frederick MD is a Korean-American grocery store that specializes in selling traditional Korean food, snacks, and household items in Frederick, Maryland.

2. What are the store hours for H Mart Frederick MD?

The store hours for H Mart Frederick MD are typically from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week. However, the store may be closed or have modified hours on major holidays.

3. Does H Mart Frederick MD sell fresh produce?

Yes, H Mart Frederick MD sells a variety of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Many of these items are imported directly from Korea and other parts of Asia.

4. Does H Mart Frederick MD have a food court?

Yes, H Mart Frederick MD has a food court that offers a variety of Korean dishes, such as bibimbap, kimchi fried rice, and Korean-style fried chicken. There are also other food options available, including sushi and bakery items.

5. Does H Mart Frederick MD offer online ordering?

Yes, H Mart Frederick MD offers online ordering and delivery services through their website or mobile app. Customers can browse products and place orders for pickup or delivery to their home or office.

6. Does H Mart Frederick MD offer a loyalty program?

Yes, H Mart Frederick MD offers a loyalty program called Smart Saving Rewards that allows customers to earn points for their purchases. These points can be redeemed for discounts, free items, and other rewards.

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