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What’s Frederick like?

Frederick is a city located in the north-central region of Maryland, United States. Frederick County’s county seat is in this region, and it is Maryland’s largest county. The population of the city is 65,239 inhabitants (as as of the year 2010) and it is also home to Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) which is used to handle general aviation and Fort Detrick, the largest employer in the county.

Frederick is located near several cities, including Libertytown, Myersville, Brunswick Barnesville and Rohrersville.

What can you see What to see Frederick

1. Monocacy National Battlefield

Monocacy National Battlefield is a National site that is situated in Frederick, Maryland. It is famous because of the Battle of Monocacy Junction which occurred on July 9, 1864. This battle was one of the few times Confederate forces could attack Union territories. It was a victory for Washington D.C.

Monocacy National Battlefield provides visitors with the opportunity to explore more than 1500 acres of fields for agriculture take in historic structures and vistas, as well as take part in educational programs such as ranger-guided tours or special events. The staff is available to help plan your visit so that you can make the most of the experience you have at this historical attraction in the vicinity of Frederick.

2. Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace

Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace is an Frederick shopping entertainment, dining, and entertainment centre, is located in Maryland. There are restaurants such as J.R.’s Bar-B-Que Joint and The Cheese Shop of Frederick County. Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza is also accessible. There are also places to shop, such as the Patapsco Valley Antique Mall and Flea market, as well as the Frederick Artisans Gallery. County. Music lovers can take in live performances at the Carroll Creek Amphitheater every Thursday in September from 5:30pm to 8:30pm in the Alive @ Five partnership events.

The Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace offers unique experiences for all ages, which is why visitors must stop at. Shop for unique antiques or gifts or dine on delicious pizza or barbecue while listening to live music at this unique event series! In addition helping local businesses at Alive @ Five events helps boost local economies across Maryland So don’t pass up this chance!

3. Weinberg Center for the Arts

{The Weinberg Center for the Arts is a restored 1926 movie palace{ located|| that is located} in the heart of downtown Frederick, Maryland.|The Weinberg Center for the Arts, a restored 1926 movie palace in Frederick, Maryland is now open for rent.} It has capacity for 1,500 and is available for rental for film festivals, studio screenings, conventions, weddings and business events. The center promotes the performing arts all year round with music performances, dance performances and theatre shows.

It is a must to make sure to visit the Weinberg Center for the Arts as it hosts spectacular shows by professional artists and classic films that you won’t find elsewhere. {The season kicks off in September{ each year|| every year} and concludes in May. There is plenty of time to discover local sights or simply relax and enjoy an evening at this iconic destination.|The season starts in September and finishes in May. It is a great time to visit local landmarks or just sit back and enjoy an evening at this famous destination.} Additionally there is an chance to enjoy a complimentary backstage tour which will reveal architecture and features of the Art Deco era along with local theatrical lore while giving guests an intimate look at the behind-the-scenes scenes of a successful place like this!

4. Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace

The Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace is a shopping center located in Frederick, Maryland. It features a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment choices that are appealing to all types of visitors.

Visitors are advised to visit the Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace because it offers an exciting mix of activities and attractions that are enjoyable at anytime of the year. The market has everything from unique gifts to eating in one of the numerous eateries. Alive @ Five will offer visitors even more ways to discover the region’s culture as well as its history and traditions, while having enjoyable time with their loved ones.

5. Monocacy National Battlefield

Monocacy National Battlefield, located southeast of Frederick in Maryland is a significant historical site. It offers visitors over 1500 acres of farm fields, a number of historical structures, and stunning views.

{Monocacy National Battlefield is worth visiting because it marks one of the{ last|| final} battles that the Confederates were able to carry out in Union territory – saving Washington from being attacked and gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about the country’s Civil War history through interpretive exhibits, guided by rangers, and special events.|Monocacy National Battlefield, which commemorates the Confederates their last victory on Union territories, is definitely worth visiting. It also provides visitors the opportunity to learn more about America’s Civil War history through interpretive exhibits and guided ranger programs.}

Monocacy National Battlefield offers visitors the chance to visit one of Maryland’s most famous landmarks. {It is the site of one of the{ last|| final} battles the Confederates were successful in defending Union territory, saving Washington, D.C. from being attacked.|This site is the location of one of the last Confederate battles in Union territory that helped to protect Washington, D.C., from being sacked.} The site is comprised of over 1500 acres of historical farms, buildings and spectacular views. Staff are available to help plan your visit with exhibits and programs that are interpretive or guided by rangers.

The battleground is situated at on 5201 Urbana Pike in Frederick, MD 21704 USA close to southeast Frederick and has plenty of facilities, including electronic maps at the visitor center and various special events throughout the year.

6. Catoctin Mountain State Park

Catoctin Mountain State Park offers a variety of things to do and attractions, including wildlife viewing, an abundance of wildflowers, hiking trails, scenic drives and viewpoints campsites for RVs with tents, small RVs and picnic areas that are suitable for families with children or small groups. The Visitor Center offers information on the park’s history as with current events happening at Catoctin Mountain State Park. Visitors are also able to explore the park by foot or bike on one of the trails that are within the park.

7. Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace

The Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace is a shopping center situated in Frederick, Maryland that features a variety of local establishments and restaurants. It’s the perfect spot for tourists to discover the culture of the area and have unique experiences.

The Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace is a must for visitors. Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace because it offers an opportunity to shop, eat and have fun while exploring the many things Frederick has to offer. You can find exclusive products such as jewelry made by local artisans as well as artwork made by local artists. In addition, visitors can have delicious meals at any of the many restaurants on site or take advantage of special offers during special events in the market all through the entire year.

8. Frederick Towne Mall

Frederick Towne Mall was a mall that shut down in 2013. It is now called District 40 and is being developed for future use. The new development will feature a movie theater and new shopping options, with construction set to begin in 2020. There are numerous specialty shops in the mall, which include vintage stores, gift shops and clothing and comic book stores, record shops, stores and antique shops. Walking tours are also available that will take you around Frederick’s historic downtown while visiting galleries of art.

9. National Museum of Civil War Medicine

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine tells the story of medical treatment during the American Civil War. It contains five galleries full of artifacts depicting the medical historical background of the war as well as living-history exhibits that demonstrate the way medical care was delivered during the time.

This Frederick museum is a fantastic location to discover the influence of Civil War medicine on modern medical practices. It is a great place to learn about medical technology from centuries back, to gain an understanding of how modern healthcare has changed, and explore more than 1,200 artifacts that will be a delight to history buffs. Additionally, there is an on-site gift shop for guests want to buy souvenirs or presents for friends at home.

10. Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace

Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace, a shopping center located in Frederick, Maryland is known for its unique assortment of services and goods. The center offers shoppers the chance to discover local attractions and local businesses while enjoying the scenic views of Carroll Creek.

Visitors are advised to go to the Carroll Creek Mill Marketplace because it provides an exciting atmosphere for everyone. There are a variety of events happening throughout the month such as concerts, festivals, art shows and many more. There are many eateries offering delicious meals from all over the world and stores selling exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else within Frederick County.

What are the top guidebooks for traveling to Frederick?

1. Frederick Travel Guide

The Frederick Travel Guide is a tourism guide published by the city of Frederick to provide visitors with an overview of the city’s major attractions as well as activities and other points of worth a visit. It offers a 2.5-mile self-guided walkthrough of the historic downtown Frederick as well as guided tours led by Heritage Frederick that focus on different themes, such as architecture and art, the natural world, African American history, or Civil War history.

{The Frederick Travel Guide is popular because it provides visitors with an easy method of exploring the city’s many attractions as well as providing a glimpse into the city’s history and its culture.|The Frederick Travel Guide is a popular guide that permits visitors to{ easily|| quickly} explore the city’s attractions and provides insight into its culture and history.} This tourist board allows visitors to plan their trips according to their interests and offers information on guided walks around the city.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a great resource for anyone who is planning a trip to Frederick. The site provides detailed reviews and recommendations from those who have already visited the region before and makes it simple to identify the top places to stay, eat and visit while in Frederick. Additionally, TripAdvisor offers a wealth of information on things to do and attractions in Frederick that will help travelers plan their trips accordingly. With so much valuable information at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to use TripAdvisor when planning your next trip to Frederick.

3. Airbnb

The Frederick Airbnb Guide is a unique experience that allows guests to stay at the restored residence of Barbara Fritchie. Fritchie was one of the heroines in John Greenleaf’s poem. Although the home has been transformed to become a relaxing space, it retains its historic appearance. There are many treasures that are in the house, such as an antique china closet that contains memorabilia about Barbara Fritchie and other antiques and family heirlooms. Visitors can also explore the surrounding area which is full of history and beauty.

4. offers a range of hotels and attractions in Frederick, Maryland. offers many benefits such as:

 A search engine that makes it simple to find the ideal accommodation for your needs

– Each property is accurately priced and has specific descriptions

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Support for customers 24/7 via email, phone or chat live sessions

Read detailed reviews from previous travelers to help make an informed decision about which hotel is best for you

5. Expedia

Using Expedia for travel in Frederick provides many advantages, including:

Easy and simple booking process: In just a few clicks, users can book and search hotels or flights, as well as vacation packages and vacation packages.

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{The best hotels for Frederick include The Westfield Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Hampton Inn & Suites.|The Westfield Inn & Suites is the most highly rated hotel in Frederick. Holiday Inn Express & Suites is also a popular choice. Hampton Inn & Suites is another{ great|| excellent} alternative.} They offer a range of facilities, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, fitness facilities as well as pools. They are located close to popular attractions such as Hagerstown Premium Outlets as well as the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

7. Getaroom

Getaroom provides a variety of amenities and features including:

Search engine for accommodations that lets you search for hotels by their locations, budgets and facilities.

Ratings and reviews from previous guests can help you make an informed choice when selecting an accommodation.

A detailed description of each hotel, including details about the room, its features, and more.

Get special deals and discounts in top hotels across the world

8. Travelocity

Travelocity offers Frederick with 4.5 stars for its tourist value. The site praises Frederick’s historic sights, breathtaking scenery, and wide range of activities. It also notes that Frederick is located only an hour away from Washington D.C., making it a perfect destination for those wishing to visit both cities on one trip. Furthermore, Travelocity states that Frederick offers affordable accommodation options and offers special discounts and offers to help travelers to save money when they travel. With such high praise from Travelocity It’s not surprising why so many people decide to go to Frederick every year!

9. Hostelworld

The Hostelworld Frederick guide features a variety of amenities and features which include:

{Photos and detailed descriptions for each hostel{ listed|| that is listed} in the guide|Photographs and descriptions of every hostel in the guide}

Ratings are based upon customer feedback and reviews

– Maps showing the location of each hostel in Frederick County, Maryland

Information about local activities, attractions, and events that are close to each hostel.


The guide to Frederick includes the following details regarding the city:

In Maryland, the town offers numerous attractions and activities for visitors.

Frederick is home to around 65,000 people. Many historic buildings from the 18th century remain in use.

Frederick is an ideal spot for biking, hiking, and fishing.


What is the story behind Frederick, MD?

Frederick, MD is a city located in the north-central region of Maryland, United States. It was laid out by Daniel Dulany — a land speculator in 1745. The city was named “Frederick Town”. {The British Stamp Act received its first repudiation from jurists in the Frederick County Court House on November 23, 1765.|On November 23, 1765{,|| it was announced that} the Frederick County Court House was the first to oppose the British Stamp Act.} Frederick sent two companies with minutemen to Boston during the American Revolution and provided 1,700 men for George Washington at Valley Forge. In the American Civil War the Battle of Monocacy (July 9 1864) was fought south of Frederick and, although Confederate forces won, they were delayed long enough for Union reinforcements to arrive at Washington D.C.. To avoid its destruction by Confederate Gen Jubal A Early , Frederick offered a ransom of $200 000, which was paid back in 1951 . It is now an manufacturing and agricultural trading centre with many biotech firms (Fort Detrick).

What are the top attractions to visit in Frederick, MD?

Frederick is about an hour’s drive from each of Washington D.C. and Baltimore which makes it a great day trip from either city. It also boasts a 40-block historic district with many attractions worth visiting – including the Old Town Hall and Market Square and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as well as the spires that are clustered.

{Some of the top attractions{ to visit|| to see} in Frederick are:|Frederick has many top attractions.}

{ The Historic District{, which|| that} has many historic structures that date back to the 1800s such as Stearns & Gannett Company Building (built in 1892) and Frederick County Courthouse (built in 1894).| The Historic District is home to numerous historical structures that date back to the 1800s, such as the Stearns & Gannett Company Building (built in 1892) as well as the Frederick County Courthouse (1894).}

 The Fort Detrick Museum & Cultural Center that explores the American Cold War history through interactive displays, oral histories as well as artifacts.

 The National Museum of Civil War Medicine Visitors can discover the practices of medicine during wartime at this museum which has more than 6500 objects from hospitals on the battlefield across the nation.

Which are the top Frederick restaurants?

The Hilton Garden Inn Frederick is located at 10 Clarke, Frederick, MD 21703-6106. They is accessible by telephone at +1 301-668-9500. The Hill House Bed & Breakfast is located at Hollervstown Hill Bed and Breakfast, 581 Himes Ave., Frederick, MD 21703-6106. Dutch’s Daughter is located at 105 West Patrick Street Suite 4A, Frederick MD 21701. Thacher&Rye (formerly named Volt) can be found at 100 West Patrick Street Suite 1A, Frederick MD 21701. Firestone’s Culinary Tavern can be found at 101 East Church Street Suite B4B4F4F4H4H4E5E5D5D5C7C7 ,Frederick ,MD21702 .

What are the upcoming events in Frederick, MD?

Frederick, MD hosts a wide range of activities all through the year. They include First Saturday Holiday Events and Downtown Alive @ Five Juni Events.

Which schools are in Frederick, MD?

Frederick, Maryland has a number of schools offering both private and public education. Frederick County is home to the following schools:

– Frederick Community College

– Hood College

— Mount St. Mary’s University

What parks are there in Frederick, MD

Baker Park is located in downtown Frederick, Maryland and covers a total area of 58 acres. It has a carillon as well as a lake, tennis courts and athletic fields, pavilions and pavilions, and picnic areas, playgrounds, and a public swimming pool.

Baker Park is a green space that is home to performances in the summer, including children’s theater and sporting events, festivals as well as other events that take place within the region around the Fourth of July. Visitors can also take part in fireworks during Independence Day .

What are the most enjoyable activities to do in Frederick, MD?

Frederick is located in western Maryland and is approximately an hour’s drive away from Baltimore and Washington D.C. It has a population of around 70,000 residents.

Frederick’s top attractions are:

– The Catoctin Mountains, Rose Hill Manor Park and Children’s Museum. – Cunningham Falls State Park. – Explore Frederick. – Drink Craft Beer in Frederick. The Frederick Wine Trail. — Frederick Wine Trail. – Frederick Wine Trail. – Frederick Wine Trail. — Frederick Wine Trail. – Frederick Wine Center. Frederick Wine Center. Frederick Crystal Grottoes, Caverns and Schifferstadt. More Maryland Travel Guides.

What are some of the historic sites that are located in Frederick, MD

Frederick Maryland’s historical landmarks include the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum and the Francis Scott Key Memorial. There are also the Hessian Barracks, as well as other Civil War-era sites. These historical sites are located approximately 10 miles from downtown Frederick. They are accessible through 242 S Market St.

Other important historic locations located in Frederick include:

– The Old Post Office Building (1887) 302 N. Market St. This building was originally used as a post offices, and later converted into a retail space for antique stores.

– The New Market Theater (1926) at 217 West Main St which has been an extremely popular venue for entertainment since it was first opened by vaudeville stars Will Rogers and Jack Benny in 1927.

 The Maryland House Hotel (1859) located at the address 108 W Patrick St which is one of two hotels from the pre-Civil War era still standing today.

Which are the top wineries located in Frederick, MD

The Frederick Wine Trail is located 20 minutes from the city centre and comprises 15 wineries, including Black Ankle Vineyards and Catoctin Breeze Vineyards.

You’ll travel along the Maryland wine trail through Civil War battlefields and vineyards. Frederick is now a crucial centre of the craft brewing revolution , and is now an ideal location for Maryland’s new wine movement. Enjoy a scenic drive through Maryland’s rolling countryside to explore Frederick County’s best wine and agricultural bounty.

How do you explore Frederick, MD?

1. Begin by booking hotels in Frederick, such as the Hilton Garden Inn Frederick or The Hill House Bed & Breakfast.

2. Explore the city on foot in Frederick or visit one of the many attractions , such as the National Museum of Civil War Medicine or the Weinberg Center for The Arts.

3. For lunch or dinner Visit Jojo’s Restaurant and Tap House for craft beer or Barbara Fritchie House for coffee and pastries.

4. Rose Hill Manor Park, Children’s Museum and Cunningham Falls State Park are excellent places to bring the family. They have a wide range of activities that are fun for children of all ages.

5. If you want to enjoy a night of entertainment, go to Hootch & Banter , where you can enjoy local craft beer while watching live performances by local musicians every weekend!


1. Frederick, Maryland

Frederick is located in North-Central Maryland, United States. It lies 47 miles (76km) to the west of Baltimore along a tributary to the Monocacy River. It was founded in 1745 as Frederick Town. However, it may be named after Frederick Calvert (6th Baron Baltimore). {The British Stamp Act received its first rejection from jurists in the Frederick County Court House on November 23, 1765, during the American Revolution and during the American Civil War Battle of Monocacy (July 9, 1864) was fought to the south of Frederick .|On November 23, 1765, the British Stamp Act was first denied by jurists at the Frederick County Court House. This occurred during the American Civil War as well as the American Civil War Battle of Monocacy (July 9th{,|| and 10,} 1864).} The city was required to pay the ransom of $200, 000 to Confederate Gen . Jubal A . It was too late to save it from destruction. The bond that was issued at the time was not released until the 1st of October January, 1951.

2. Monocacy River

The Monocacy River flows into the Potomac River in Maryland, America. The Monocacy Native American tribe that lived in the region named it after them. The river is renowned for being a crossroads for Native Americans and early European explorationists due to its position in between two mountain ranges: Catoctin Mountain (easternmost ridge of Blue Ridge) and rolling hills of Piedmont region.

Since the Monocacy River is an important element of geography classes It has allowed students understand the ways in which different cultures interact with each other and how geographical characteristics have influenced migration patterns through history. Learn about the role rivers play in the transportation routes and borders between different regions or countries. Additionally, understanding how geography has changed through time can help students gain insight into current global issues such as environmental changes and scarcity of resources which have an impact on the areas where people live.

3. Catoctin Mountains

The Catoctin Mountains are the easternmost mountain range of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are part of the Appalachian Mountains. This region is home to incredible wildlife and an array of wildflowers. There are also trails for hiking, scenic drives campsites, camping spots, as well as other recreation opportunities. You can enjoy quality time with your loved ones and family in the park while you enjoy a picnic in one of the numerous parking spots such as Thurmont Vista Parking Lot or Hog Rock Parking Lot.

4. Frederick City

Frederick, Maryland is a small town in the state of Maryland. It is well-known for its historic downtown, with Victorian-era buildings as well as a variety of restaurants and shops. City Hall, the headquarters of local government is also located in Frederick.

Frederick is approximately 35 miles to the northwest from Washington D.C., with the estimated population of 51,000 as of 2017. The city’s historic downtown district is located at the intersection of East Patrick Street and North Market Street located near City Hall on East Church Street. This location is a popular spot for locals to gather during the warmer months. It features an energizing water show that plays every Wednesday through Sunday, starting at 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

6. Carroll Creek

Carroll Creek runs through Frederick, Maryland. It is approximately 10 miles (16 km) long and has a width of as high as 50 feet (15 meters). Baker Park is home to man-made and natural landmarks, like the Carroll Creek Amphitheater.

Carroll Creek is a popular spot for geography and geology fans due to its opportunity to learn about how rivers develop and the way they change because of factors like erosion or human interference. Furthermore, visitors can explore the diverse ecosystems that are found along its shores and observe how different types of rocks are formed from various sediment deposits within the waters.

7. Carroll Creek State Park

Carroll Creek State Park is a popular destination because of its beautiful scenery and wide range of activities. The park is the home of Cunningham Falls, which offers hiking trails, swimming as well as fishing and canoeing options. The park also has an aviary and camping areas and also historic attractions such as the Catoctin Iron Furnace.

Carroll Creek State Park is located in Frederick County in northern Maryland near the city of Frederick (46 miles to the west of Baltimore  49 miles west/north Washington D.C., 24 miles southeast Hagerstown  and 70 miles southwest Harrisburg). There are two distinct zones: William Houck Area is 3 miles west Thurmont, on Route 77; Manor Area is 3 miles south Thurmont and is located on Route 15 – and many hiking trails that go from flat to steep and rocky. There are areas where swimming is allowed. Hunting Creek Lake 4400 acres wildlands Carroll Creek running through Baker Park with Joseph Dill Baker’s Carillon as background.

8. Weinberg Center for the Arts

The Weinberg Center for the Arts is a cultural and educational center in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The original structure was built as a cinema palace in 1926. It has been restored to its Art Deco glory. It is now home to a variety of concerts, theatrical performances, film festivals, studio screenings, conventions and weddings.

Tourists are awestruck by the Weinberg Center of the Arts for the reason that they can experience spectacular performances by the best performers and musicians, while taking in the historical atmosphere of a movie palace built in 1926. Visitors can also avail of backstage toursthat give a unique perspective on the history of the local theater as well as architectural features which date back to 1926.

9. Civil War Medicine Museum

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine will tell the history of medicine and Civil War Medicine. The museum has five galleries that showcase artifacts and technology that influenced medical care in wartime as well as living history exhibits that show the life of soldiers in camps.

Geography students should visit this museum since it offers a valuable understanding of how advances within Civil War medicine impacted present-day medical treatment. Students will learn how medical practices have changed over time and how they can adapt to various areas or cultures.

10. Mount Airy, Maryland

Mount Airy, Maryland, is a small town located in the middle of Maryland’s countryside located just 20 minutes away from Frederick. Frederick County’s 15 wineries make up the Frederick Wine Trail. They allow visitors to visit the best of Frederick County’s most awe-inspiring agricultural treasures beautiful vineyards, breathtaking views, and outstanding wines. Mount Airy also offers scenic views of Catoctin Mountain from the south side of town, in addition to tourist attractions like Antique Alley and Old Towne Historic Districts which allow visitors to experience small town charm as they shop for antiques or eating at one of the numerous local eateries.