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Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD

Welcome to Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD! We’re excited to have you here to experience our wonderful selection of fruits and produce. While your current browser may not be supported for the best browsing experience, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. At Orchard Farms, we offer a wide range of delectable fruits and locally grown produce that will surely satisfy your taste buds. From apples to strawberries, our farm provides a variety of fresh and flavorful options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for ingredients to create a delicious meal or simply want to enjoy the natural goodness of fruits, Orchard Farms is the perfect destination. So skip the navigation and come discover our mouthwatering selection of fruit and produce at Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD.

Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD

Welcome to Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD! Here, you can experience the best of what Frederick County has to offer, from fresh produce and local farmers markets to outdoor adventures and delicious beverages. Whether you’re a food lover, nature enthusiast, or cycling enthusiast, Orchard Farms has something for everyone. So, grab your basket and get ready for a delightful journey through the flavors and experiences of Frederick County.

A Taste of Frederick County

At Orchard Farms, you can indulge in the diverse flavors that Frederick County has to offer. With an abundance of orchards, fruit farms, and produce stands, you can treat your taste buds to the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables. There’s no better way to end a day of exploring than with a visit to a country or city farmer’s market, where you can find roadside and established grocers selling locally grown produce. From juicy peaches to crisp apples, you’ll find a wide variety of seasonal delights at these markets.

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Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD

Local Farmers Markets

One of the highlights of Orchard Farms is the on-farm farmer’s market at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm. Every Saturday from mid-May through mid-September, you can visit this market and browse their selection of regeneratively grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs. With hundreds of varieties available throughout the season, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. And if you’re a chocolate lover, you’re in for a treat – they also offer artisan chocolates made right on the farm.

Another local gem is the Thurmont Main Street Farmers Market. Open every Saturday from May to October, this market showcases some of the best homemade and homegrown products in the area. From fresh produce to delicious baked goods, you’ll find a wide array of locally sourced goodies to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on experiencing the vibrant atmosphere and sense of community at these farmers markets.

Explore the Outdoors

Beyond its delicious offerings, Orchard Farms is surrounded by natural beauty and offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. Frederick County boasts a wealth of scenic parks, trails, and outdoor recreational areas. Whether you’re into hiking, picnicking, or birdwatching, you’ll find the perfect spot to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.

Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD

Drink Local

After a day of exploring and being surrounded by nature, it’s time to quench your thirst with some locally produced beverages. Frederick County is renowned for its wineries, breweries, cideries, and distilleries, all offering unique and flavorful creations. Sip and sample your way through the county, indulging in the finest wines, ciders, meads, brews, and spirits. You’ll not only get to taste the delicious results but also meet the passionate individuals behind these craft beverages.

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Great Bicycling

For the cycling enthusiasts, Frederick County is a cyclist’s paradise. With its scenic landscapes, charming countryside roads, and well-maintained bike trails, it offers endless opportunities for great bicycling adventures. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you’ll find routes suited to your skill level. So, hop on your bike, feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you pedal through the county’s picturesque countryside.

Travel Packet

To make the most of your visit to Orchard Farms and Frederick County, be sure to grab a travel packet. These handy guides provide valuable information on the many things to do, see, and eat in the area. From maps and recommended itineraries to insider tips and local secrets, the travel packets will be your go-to resource for planning a memorable stay.

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Visitor Center

If you have any questions or need further assistance during your visit to Orchard Farms, our Visitor Center is ready to help. Located at 151 S. East Street, Frederick, MD, our knowledgeable staff can provide information on local attractions, dining options, and accommodations. Feel free to stop by, call us at 301-600-4047 or 800-999-3613, or visit our website for more information.

In conclusion, Orchard Farms in Frederick, MD is a haven for food enthusiasts, nature lovers, and cycling enthusiasts alike. With its abundant farmers markets, outdoor recreational opportunities, local beverages, and travel resources, it offers a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for visitors. So, come and discover the flavors, beauty, and adventures that await you at Orchard Farms and Frederick County.

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