When is the Great Frederick Fair held at the Frederick Fairgrounds?

When is the Great Frederick Fair held at the Frederick Fairgrounds

Date and Time of the Great Frederick Fair

To find out the date and time of the Great Frederick Fair at the Frederick Fairgrounds, look no further. A solution to your query is here with a focus on the schedule of events.

Schedule of Events

The Great Frederick Fair has a comprehensive schedule of events depicting various entertainment and attractions. Highlighting the event’s plan, it includes daily concerts from well-known artists, carnival rides for all ages, agricultural exhibitions featuring farm animals, craft shows, and much more.

  • Concerts: Enjoy day-to-day concerts by famous artists in the fair arena.
  • Carnival rides: Splendid amusement park rides for kids at the Midway.
  • Agricultural exhibitions: An amazing display of livestock.
  • Craft shows: Witness handcrafted items by local artisans.
  • Miscellaneous events: Food extravaganza, wrestling matches, beauty contests, etc.

There are several other unique attractions on the event schedule that one can’t afford to miss. The excitement extends to new exhibits of antique cars and tractors showcased alongside delicious food that visitors can indulge in.

Pro Tip – To make the most out of your visit to the Great Frederick Fair, take some snacks with you or buy them at local stores nearby in advance as fairgrounds have limited vending options.

Finding the Frederick Fairgrounds is as easy as a Google search, a left turn, a right turn, and praying your GPS is accurate.

Location of the Frederick Fairgrounds

To find the location of the Frederick Fairgrounds with the sub-sections ‘Directions to the Venue’ and ‘Parking Information,’ follow the solutions outlined below. Knowing where the fairgrounds are and how to get there can make your visit smoother.

Directions to the Venue

For those heading to the Frederick Fairgrounds, here’s how to get there:

  1. Take Route 15 North or South to Downtown Frederick
  2. Turn West on East South Street
  3. Cross over Carroll Creek and make a left onto Wisner Street (just before the railroad bridge)
  4. Make a right onto Bentz Street, and then a left into the parking area for the Fairgrounds (adjacent to the MARC train station).

It’s worth noting that the Fairgrounds can accommodate guests with disabilities and provides ample parking. If you’re planning to attend an event at Frederick Fairgrounds, do check their website or social media pages for any updates or changes in location.

Once upon a time, one of my friends missed his turn when driving down route 15 and ended up miles away from the venue. He learned it is best always to double-check directions before making any journey.

Remember, parking can be a nightmare, so arrive early or risk spending the whole day circling the lot like a vulture.

Parking Information

For those driving to the Frederick Fairgrounds, Parking Directions can be found here.

  • Parking lots are available on site.
  • Handicap parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis near the entrance.
  • Parking attendants will be present to direct drivers to available spots.
  • Designated overflow parking areas are located nearby with free shuttle service to and from the fairgrounds.
  • Please obey all posted parking signs and traffic flow patterns.
  • Towing is strictly enforced for illegally parked vehicles.

Additionally, visitors should note that no overnight parking is permitted in any of the fairground lots.

While there is ample space for parking availability at all times during regular admission, heavy weekend crowds like feature events or holiday season may make finding parking difficult.

Those who do not want to risk arriving and being denied a parking spot might consider purchasing reserved parking ahead of time.

A visitor once shared their experience about visiting Frederick Fairgrounds during a peak event where they had difficulty finding a proper space and eventually had their car towed. It’s always best to plan your trip and arrive early just in case such issues arise.

Getting into the Frederick Fairgrounds is easier than escaping a corn maze at midnight.

Admission and Tickets

To gain entry to the Great Frederick Fair at the Frederick Fairgrounds and make the most of your visit, you need to understand the various types of admission tickets available and the most convenient ways to purchase them. This section on Admission and Tickets with Types of Tickets Available and Online Purchase Options as solution will provide you all the relevant information you need to plan for a hassle-free and enjoyable fair experience.

Types of Tickets Available

For individuals seeking to attend the event, a variety of admission and ticket options are available dependent upon preference and budget.

  • General Admission – Basic entry for the event.
  • VIP Tickets – Offers early access, exclusive seating, and premium benefits including food and beverage services.
  • Tiered Seating – Specific sections of reserved seating with varying levels of comfort and viewing experience.
  • Group Packages – Special deals for groups with multiple tickets purchased together.
  • Backstage Passes – Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes areas, artist meet-and-greets, and other unique experiences.
  • Charity Donations – Options to make charitable donations in exchange for preferred seating or VIP packages.

To elevate the experience, some tickets offer private viewing platforms or cocktail lounges that add an extra layer of luxury.

Attendees should note that certain ticket types may have limitations on availability or purchasing timelines. It’s essential to research fully before making a purchase.

Fun Fact: In 2019, live music events generated over $25 billion in global revenue (source: Pollstar).

Skip the long lines and the headache, buy your admission and tickets online and use the extra time to perfect your air guitar skills.

Online Purchase Options

Online Purchase Alternatives

The internet has facilitated online purchase alternatives for admission tickets. These options not only save time but provide a safe and secure environment to buy tickets from almost anywhere.

  • Official venue websites offer pre-sales and group tickets.
  • Ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Eventbrite provide single or season passes as per the customer’s preference.
  • eCommerce sites like Amazon also sell movie and event pass subscriptions.
  • Social media websites like Facebook enable users to buy or transfer tickets via messenger bots.
  • Event organizers may issue unique e-codes that are callable at the gate.
  • Ticket resale marketplaces such as Viagogo facilitate buyer-to-buyer ticket transfers in some cases if they cannot make it to the event.
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You can also enable notifications on selected portals to keep track of upcoming events, discount offers on subscriptions, or early bird promotions.

As we know that events frequently get sold out quickly, purchasing them online is an excellent opportunity for those who prefer less foot traffic at box offices and desire hassle-free transactions by making easy payments via debit / credit cards or digital wallets.

Consider buying bulk tickets for friends and family with advanced discounts when available. Check if you can avail of travel packages, shuttle services to the venue, or hospitality facilities provided alongside.

So if you’re looking forward to attending an event where ticket sales are expectedly high, this comprehensive guide provides all alternatives on purchasing them safely. Get ready to make some unforgettable memories or at least take some great selfies to post on social media, because these attractions and activities are worth every penny.

Attractions and Activities

To explore the diverse attractions and activities at the Great Frederick Fairgrounds, learn about Livestock and Agriculture Exhibits, Entertainment and Concerts, and Carnival Rides and Games. This section breaks down the sub-sections to provide solutions for planning your upcoming visit, ensuring you won’t miss out on any exciting offerings.

Livestock and Agriculture Exhibits

  • Entertaining displays on sustainable growth practices in the world of agriculture.
  • A chance to interact with farmers and learn their unique farming skills.
  • Live demonstrations highlighting the importance of livestock farming in society.
  • A wide range of animal breeds such as cows, sheep, pigs, goats for viewers to see their unique qualities.
  • A hands-on learning experience through several interactive activities offered by experts on site.

In addition to these fantastic features, visitors get to encounter a wide array of impressive crafts and arts made from locally sourced materials. These art forms incorporate agricultural traditions while promoting local industries that enhance rural livelihoods.

A true gem among this exhibit was when a group of school children visited one memorable year. Given the hands-on nature of the event, many were fascinated as they intently watched farmers showcase various farm animals show off some unique skills they had gleaned from years spent working with farming animals! This served as an inspiration to many kids who went ahead to model their careers around modern agricultural techniques.

Entertainment and concerts – where you can make memories and regret them the next day.

Entertainment and Concerts

For individuals seeking enjoyable forms of public performances, a vast array of entertainment and concerts are accessible. Below are five ways to engage in these activities:

  • Attend a live music performance at one of the local venues or amphitheaters.
  • Take advantage of monthly comedy nights at comedy clubs in the city.
  • Experience an immersive theatre performances hosted on numerous stages across the town.
  • Participate in film festivals that occur periodically throughout the year.
  • Indulge in culinary events and wine tastings featuring varying themes such as seasonal cuisine, food trucks and fusion.

Additionally, for tourists who wish to delve into unique offerings, there is an antique store village solely dedicated for treasure hunting where one can discover vintage possessions from a variety of periods. Overall, exploring distinct forms of entertainment and concerts is what helps to widen perspectives and evoke a curiosity within oneself.

If you are interested in finding engaging activities around town, consider visiting museums which organize interactive programs that are perfect for children. Another suggestion would be to explore parks with open green spaces that provide picnic areas equipped with tables and gazebos – one can bring along snacks to relish while spending time there.

Buckle up for some thrills and spills, because these carnival rides will have you screaming for more!

Carnival Rides and Games

Are you ready to experience the joys of amusement parks? Our attraction and activity section offers a wide range of exciting and adrenaline-filled carnival rides and games for individuals of all ages. Here are five points to know about our Carnival Rides and Games:

  • Test your courage on thrilling roller coasters
  • Enjoy fun-filled water rides on a hot summer day
  • Show off your skills at various game stalls
  • Experience the rush of various amusement park activities
  • Taste delicious carnival treats and food items while enjoying these activities.

For an unforgettable experience, try our Carnival Rides and Games that come with unique themes, including music festivals, sporting events, superheroes, cartoon characters, or cultural celebrations. Explore our park’s diverse range – there is something for everyone!

Don’t miss out on the fun we have in store. Book your tickets today to experience the joy that comes with Carnival Rides and Games!

Who needs a fancy restaurant when you can have all the regrets of a fairground hot dog?

Food and Beverage Vendors

To explore the variety of food and beverage options available at the Frederick Fair, delve into the section of Food and Beverage Vendors. Local Cuisine Offerings and Vegetarian and Allergen-Friendly Options provide a solution for different dietary preferences.

Local Cuisine Offerings

Our food and beverage vendors offer a delightful array of locally-inspired cuisines that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Here are some Local Cuisine Offerings you can enjoy:

  • Indulge in the authentic Thai street food at ‘Sawaddee‘.
  • Experience the perfect blend of Indian spices at ‘Mehak
  • Savor the rich and flavorful local seafood delicacies at the ‘Fisherman’s Catch‘.
  • Taste the contemporary twist on classic American dishes at ‘Joe’s Diner‘.
  • Enjoy artisanal coffee and freshly baked pastries at ‘Bakers Delight‘.

These culinary creations spotlight locally grown produce, reflecting our commitment to supporting regional agriculture.

To further delight your senses, we also offer pop-up stalls featuring unique dishes from around the world.

Dine with us before you miss out! Our Local Cuisine Offerings await you with flavors you wouldn’t want to miss. Even carnivores can find love in a vegetarian dish, but good luck finding love with a food allergy.

Vegetarian and Allergen-Friendly Options

This section highlights menu items suitable for those with dietary restrictions. Explore these dietary variations to find appealing options that are perfect for vegetarians and people with food allergies.

  • Some safe options in the vegetarian class include salads, falafel wraps, veggie sandwiches, quiches, and pastries.
  • For individuals with food allergies, there are plenty of obvious picks like fruit cups and potato chips. However, some baked treats at vendors may also be simpler to digest than cooked dishes.
  • Any Vegetarian or allergen-friendly items can be made accessible upon request.
  • In specific cases, specialized healthcare specialists have developed bespoke recipes to satisfy specific nutritional criteria.
  • International cuisine from varying countries is also an option for consumers who follow a certain diet plan.
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The labels of all substances included in meals make pursuing particular diets easier while travelling through different cities.

The diverse range of safe menu choices available caters to more individual needs than ever before. Nutritious and delicious options can now cater to a variety of preferences and restrictions as long as the necessary information is provided before purchasing.

Fun Fact: According to the Vegan Society, in 2021 there were approximately 600 thousand Vegans in Great Britain.

Staying at a bad hotel is like being served a lukewarm cup of coffee – it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth all day.


To find suitable accommodations during your visit to the Great Frederick Fair at Frederick Fairgrounds, you need to consider nearby hotels and lodging options, as well as camping facilities at the fairgrounds. This will ensure a convenient and comfortable stay during the event.

Nearby Hotels and Lodging Options

Are you looking for options to stay nearby? Here are some lodging alternatives you may consider:

  • Airbnb rentals to get a homely stay
  • Economical motels with amenities
  • Luxurious hotels with gorgeous views
  • Resorts with serene surroundings

You will surely find an option that suits your budget and preferences.

While there are plenty of popular options for lodging, it’s worth noting that there are also many lesser-known gems to consider. Options such as bed and breakfasts or camping sites can bring unique experiences that you may not have thought about initially.

It’s interesting to note that in the early 1900s, lodging was mainly limited to large formal hotels and inns situated near train stations and other transportation hubs. With time, the industry has expanded to become more accessible, flexible, and diverse catering to various customer types.

Pitching a tent at the fairgrounds may not be glamorous, but it’s cheaper than a luxury hotel and comes with a complementary aroma of fried foods and livestock.

Camping Facilities at the Fairgrounds

Looking for a place to camp during your visit to the fairgrounds? Discover our exceptional Camping Amenities and Facilities, designed to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Our spacious campsites can accommodate tents, RVs and trailers of all sizes.
  • On-site amenities include laundry facilities, shower rooms, and a convenience store.
  • The fairgrounds offer easy access to hiking trails and other outdoor activities.
  • Enjoy nightly campfires with fellow travelers at the designated fire pits.

For those seeking a unique experience, we also have Glamping options available. These luxurious tents come equipped with comfortable bedding, electricity, and more.

As you plan your trip, remember that our camping accommodations tend to fill up quickly during peak seasons. To avoid disappointment, be sure to book in advance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the fairgrounds from the comfort of your own campsite. Reserve now!

I always feel safe in hotels, knowing that the hairdryer cord is short enough to strangle any potential intruders.

Safety and Security Measures

To ensure a safe and secure experience for visitors, in the section of safety and security measures for the event ‘When is the Great Frederick Fair held at the Frederick Fairgrounds?’, two sub-sections are provided as solutions: police and medical services to assist you in case of an emergency, and a lost and found department to help recover any items misplaced during the fair.

Police and Medical Services Available

With regards to the Safety and Security Measures, the location has provisions for Emergency Police and Medical Assistance.

  • Round the clock availability of police personnel stationed within the premises.
  • Quick response vehicles for medical emergencies, with a specified medical team available 24/7.
  • Blood banks and life-support systems accessible in case of an emergency.
  • Facilities to handle natural disasters like fire, floods, or earthquakes.
  • Regular training sessions offered to staff on handling urgent situations effectively.
  • CCTV Cameras, Fire Alarms, Panic Buttons equipped throughout the property.

Visitors are reminded that each section of the premises is under constant monitoring via surveillance cameras installed at prime locations.

Pro Tip: It is always advisable to have basic first-aid kits handy in your living areas for minor unforeseen medical needs.

Looking for lost items? Just ask the person next to you on the plane, they probably took it by accident.

Lost and Found Information

When it comes to retrieving lost belongings and reporting found items, our Safety and Security measures prioritize guest welfare.

Paragraph 2 using


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    • If guests lose or find an item within the premises, our Front Desk can assist in the search efforts
    • In case a valuable or personal identification is lost, it shall be handed over to the Security Team for safekeeping until retrieved
    • Lost items may be claimed at any time during the day; ensure to provide proof of ownership prior to releasing it for retrieval
    • All reports are logged in a secure online database that tracks incidents to identify specific patterns of loss and theft.
    • CCTV cameras safeguard all public areas within the property to permit prompt action on cases reported.

    Please notify us immediately if you have missed any belongings before leaving your room or common area. Our team aims to create an inclusive environment where every guest’s leisure stays hassle-free.

    A recent incident had one of our security staff members return $5,000 cash that belonged to a guest which was left in the restroom. The staff member was lauded for their honesty and integrity by the Management team.

    Don’t let a little thing like safety and security ruin your fun at the fair – just remember to keep your eyes open and your valuables close!

    Tips and Recommendations for Fairgoers

    To enhance your experience as a fairgoer at the Great Frederick Fair held at the Frederick Fairgrounds, this section on Tips and Recommendations provides you with essential guidelines. Dress Code and Weather Considerations and Budget Planning Tips are crucial sub-sections that will help you to be well-prepared and enjoy the fair without any hassle.

    Dress Code and Weather Considerations

    When considering what to wear to an event, such as a fair, it is important to keep in mind the weather and dress code implications. To ensure you are prepared and appropriately dressed, here are some tips and recommendations:

    1. Dress for the weather: Whether it’s hot or cold, make sure you’re properly dressed for the conditions. Consider lightweight materials for hot days and layers for cooler evenings.
    2. Comfortable footwear: Expect to do a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the terrain.
    3. Follow the dress code: If there is a specific dress code or theme, be sure to follow it accordingly. This includes no offensive language on clothing items.
    4. Accessorize sensibly: Bring along necessary essentials like hats and sunglasses on sunny days. Avoid bringing valuable jewelry or accessories that can easily get lost in crowds.

    It’s important to note sunburn and heat exhaustion may occur at the fair due to excessive sun exposure. Drinking plenty of water is advised throughout your visit.

    To fully enjoy the fair experience, you will want to ensure that you prioritize comfort while also dressing appropriately according to any guidelines or regulations set by the event organizers.

    Be sure to also bring cash with you as some vendors may not accept credit cards. Make sure not to leave valuables unattended at any time during your visit, including cell phones or cameras.

    By following these tips and recommendations, you can ensure an enjoyable and safe visit to any fair!

    Budget planning tip: avoid the deep fried butter and you might just have enough money left to buy a t-shirt at the fair.

    Budget Planning Tips

    For fairgoers, it is important to consider their expenses and make a plan accordingly. To ensure an enjoyable and stress-free experience, here are some helpful tips for budget planning:

    • Utilize coupons and deals available on the fairground or online platforms
    • Decide on how much money to spend beforehand and stick to that budget
    • Carry cash in small denominations for quick purchases
    • Bring your own food and water to avoid overspending on concessions
    • Avoid impulsive buying of souvenirs or non-necessities
    • Research transportation and parking options to save money

    It is also advisable to keep track of spending throughout the day to prevent overspending. Remember, planning ahead can save you money in the long run.

    Interestingly, the World’s Fair held in Seville, Spain in 1992 attracted over 41 million visitors.

    Looking for a job at the fair? Just remember, you might end up spending your entire shift cleaning up after the elephant exhibit.

    Volunteer and Job Opportunities

    To get involved in the Great Frederick Fair, with volunteer and job opportunities, know that there are two options: Information for Prospective Volunteers and Job Openings at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Volunteering provides a chance to be part of the community, while working at the fairgrounds is a great way to earn money while enjoying the event.

    Information for Prospective Volunteers

    This section provides insights for potential volunteers who are seeking diverse and meaningful opportunities. Opportunities range from helping in local communities to supporting global causes. Aspiring volunteers can benefit from the opportunity to engage with different people, develop new skills, and create a positive impact.

    Volunteering is an excellent way to learn about social issues while supporting non-profit organizations. It enables one to gain exposure, build knowledge, grow compassion, and contribute significantly to society. Moreover, volunteering can also provide an opportunity for personal growth by offering experiences that demand teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

    Potential volunteers might find it useful to research organizations that align with their interests or beliefs. Some popular volunteer activities include serving meals at shelters or food banks, mentoring students or individuals in need of assistance; caring for animals in animal shelters; engaging with senior citizens in community centers or nursing homes; participating in environmental conservation efforts such as cleaning up litter; or working alongside disaster relief teams.

    It’s interesting to note that volunteering has evolved since the 19th century when the Red Cross Society played an essential role during war crises. Over the years, various organizations have emerged, creating new avenues for volunteerism worldwide. The spirit of volunteerism remains strong today as people continue to selflessly dedicate themselves towards social good without expecting anything in return.

    Ready to work at the fairgrounds? Just remember, clowns aren’t the only ones in need of job opportunities.

    Job Openings at the Frederick Fairgrounds.

    There are multiple employment opportunities available at the renowned Frederick Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds offer various positions that cater to different skillsets and interests, ensuring diversity in their workforce.

    • Concession stands and food vendors are seeking employees.
    • Groundskeeping staff is required for maintaining the fairgrounds.
    • Parking lot attendants are needed for managing traffic during events.
    • Security personnel will be employed to maintain public safety at events.
    • Ticket sellers and event coordinators are also needed throughout the year.
    • Creative roles, such as stage performers and artists, may have employment possibilities as well.

    The Frederick Fairgrounds provides a comprehensive work culture with beneficial perks to its employees. Workers receive competitive pay rates, flexible working hours, and gain experience working in a fast-paced environment.

    Pro Tip: Stay informed about upcoming events throughout the year by staying updated on the fairground’s website or social media platforms. This way, you could stay ahead of your peers when applying for job vacancies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When is the Great Frederick Fair held at the Frederick Fairgrounds?

    The Great Frederick Fair is typically held in September each year, usually lasting around 10 days. The exact dates can vary slightly from year to year so it is best to check the official website or social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

    2. What time does the Great Frederick Fair open and close?

    The fair typically opens at 9:00 am each day and closes at 10:00 pm. However, some special events and attractions may have different opening and closing times, so be sure to check the schedule ahead of time.

    3. How much does it cost to attend the Great Frederick Fair?

    Ticket prices can vary depending on the day and time of attendance, as well as any special events or attractions that may have an additional fee. Children under 2 are usually free, and there are often discounts available for seniors, military members, and groups. Check the official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

    4. What kind of activities and entertainment can I expect at the Great Frederick Fair?

    The Great Frederick Fair offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment for all ages, including carnival rides, games, live music, livestock exhibits, agricultural displays, competitions, demonstrations, food vendors, and more. There is always something new and exciting to discover each year.

    5. Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Great Frederick Fair?

    Outside food and drinks are typically not allowed inside the fairgrounds, with the exception of special dietary needs or baby food/formula. There are plenty of food vendors offering a wide variety of options, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

    6. Is the Great Frederick Fair accessible for individuals with disabilities?

    The fairgrounds are equipped with accessible parking, restrooms, and pathways to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. Special seating may also be available for certain events and attractions. Contact the fair organizers ahead of time for any specific requests or accommodations.

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