When is the Thurmont Colorfest held and what can I expect?

When is the Thurmont Colorfest held and what can I expect


Thurmont Colorfest: Dates and Highlights

Thurmont Colorfest, a two-day event held annually in the fall, draws thousands of visitors from all over to picturesque Thurmont, Maryland. Along with beautiful autumn foliage, attendees can expect 250 artisan vendors offering their wares, live music, a craft beer garden, and fun for kids of all ages.

The festivities begin on Saturday at 9 am and end at 5 pm. On Sunday, they run from 9 am to 3 pm. Admission is free to this outdoor art and craft festival that promises to be one of the most vibrant celebrations of color in the region.

For an even better experience at the Thurmont Colorfest, it’s advised that visitors arrive early since peak crowds tend to gather later in the day. It’s also recommended that attendees bring cash since not all vendors accept cards. And don’t forget comfortable shoes as visitors will need them for substantial walking throughout the festival.

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of colors at the Thurmont Colorfest, where fall foliage and carnival rides collide.

The Thurmont Colorfest

To fully immerse yourself in the Thurmont Colorfest, discover its history, significance, and all that it has to offer. Gain an overview of the festival and what to expect, explore its captivating history, and learn about its importance in the local community.

Overview of the Thurmont Colorfest

The Thurmont Colorfest is a renowned annual festival in Maryland featuring arts, crafts, delicious foods and live music performances. The event attracts huge crowds from all over the region and beyond, making it an excellent opportunity to showcase local talent and culture.

Visitors can explore over 250 vendors selling various unique items including pottery, artworks, jewelry and clothing. Besides shopping, the festival also offers fantastic culinary experiences with food trucks offering mouth-watering cuisines such as seafood, barbeque, pizza, Mexican dishes and more. Onstage entertainment features a plethora of live performances ranging from country music to rock to bluegrass.

Apart from the conventional festival experience, visitors can also participate in a 10K run or join the car show if they prefer something different. Kids can enjoy pony rides or face painting while the adults indulge in wine tasting at nearby wineries.

Don’t miss out on this exciting time; come to Thurmont Colorfest and experience an immersive combination of art, music, food and fun!

Thurmont Colorfest: Where the only thing more colorful than the leaves is the history (and the crowds).

History of the Thurmont Colorfest

The Thurmont Colorfest has a rich history, dating back to 1963. Initially a modest craft fair organized by the Thurmont Lions Club, it has now grown into an enormous two-day event that draws huge crowds from across the region. Artisans and vendors set up booths selling everything from handmade crafts to fine artwork and jewelry. The streets fill with people sampling local fare from food vendors while enjoying live music performances.

The festival has expanded over the years and now features more than 250 vendors spread across four block areas. Visitors can enjoy strolling through town and taking in all of the craftsmen’s creations. There is truly something for everyone at this diverse event.

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Local legend suggests that during one of the festival’s early years, a group of women were wearing brightly colored shawls, inspiring visitors to don their brightest colors for the occasion. This tradition has continued, earning the festival its colorful name.

According to local sources, the Colorfest attracts nearly 100,000 visitors over two days each year. Who needs a kaleidoscope when you can just go to the Thurmont Colorfest?

Importance of the Thurmont Colorfest

Thurmont Colorfest: A Cultural Extravaganza

Thurmont Colorfest, a celebrated event in Maryland, is an amalgamation of culture, entertainment, and community. This two-day festival celebrates the beautiful fall foliage with numerous activities, vendors offering various cuisines, crafts, and art displays. It has become a destination for people across the East Coast to admire nature’s beauty and embrace diverse cultures.

The Thurmont Colorfest attracts thousands of visitors each year with over 200 vendors displaying their unique arts and handmade products. The colorful parade through Main Street on Saturday morning fuels enthusiasm for the rest of the weekend’s festivities. Visitors can indulge themselves in the most exquisite seafood delicacies or delight themselves with mouth-watering gourmet desserts while enjoying live music or purchasing local wines at one of the wineries offered.

An exceptional feature of this festival is its focus on supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurs by allowing them to showcase their handmade crafts and goods. The bustling streets offer guests exclusive shopping opportunities that they cannot find anywhere else.

The magical colors of autumn create a charming backdrop for families to enjoy outdoor entertainment like pony rides, petting zoos, and street performers. With so much excitement on offer, missing out on Thurmont Colorfest is indeed nothing short of regretful.

Get ready to paint the town red (and every other color imaginable) at the Thurmont Colorfest!

Dates and Location of the Thurmont Colorfest

To plan your visit to the Thurmont Colorfest, explore this section on the dates and location of the festival with a breakdown of events, registration information, and directions and accommodations. Discover the festival schedule, register for events, find directions, and plan your stay in Thurmont with ease.

Schedule of Events

The Thurmont Colorfest offers a plethora of activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are the events and their respective schedules:

  • The craft show runs from 9 am to 5 pm on both days
  • Food vendors are open from 10 am to 5 pm on both days
  • The parade takes place at 12 pm on Saturday
  • The pet parade is at 2 pm on Sunday
  • Entertainment varies throughout the day, with bands playing until 7 pm on Saturday and until 5 pm on Sunday

In addition, the Colorfest showcases over 300 arts and crafts booths featuring handmade items such as jewelry, pottery, and paintings. Visitors can also indulge in a variety of food options from local vendors. Pro Tip: Arrive early to beat the crowds and get first dibs on artisanal goods.

Register early for the Thurmont Colorfest, because once those leaves start turning, everyone will be falling for it.

Registration Information

The process to participate in the Thurmont Colorfest requires submitting an application and a fee. The registration fee is $135.00. Upon receipt of the application, each vendor will receive a confirmation packet with essential information.

To ensure that vendors comply with all regulations governing fire safety, electricity usage, and concession sales, all vendors must display their permits at all times. As registration begins early, interested parties should request additional information ahead of time to be adequately prepared.

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The Thurmont Colorfest attracts over 100,000 visitors annually and offers various activities such as live music performances and artisan craft shows from around the world. To engage with visitors successfully, vendors are encouraged to decorate their booths and offer samples of their products to potential clients.

According to a recent report by The Washington Post, the Thurmont Colorfest is one of the ten biggest events in Maryland annually, drawing visitors from several states.

Getting lost is not an option, unless you’re looking to crash a squirrel’s wedding, so here’s some directions and accommodations for your Thurmont Colorfest adventure:

Directions and Accommodations

Thurmont Colorfest is a two-day arts festival held annually in the scenic mountain town of Thurmont, Maryland. To make your visit hassle-free, here are some tips on Directions and Accommodations for the event.

  1. Driving Directions: The festival takes place at 125 E Main St, Thurmont, MD 21788. Visitors can use GPS or follow signs from major highways leading to Thurmont. Limited parking is available throughout town.
  2. Public Transportation: No direct public transport links are available. However, visitors can take a bus or train to Frederick and hire local cabs or rental cars.
  3. Accommodation Options: The nearest hotels to the festival are Days Inn by Wyndham Thurmont (1 mile), Super Eight by Wyndham Frederick (12 miles), and Sleep Inn & Suites Emmitsburg (8 miles).

If you’re hoping for an outdoor adventure during your stay, the nearby Catoctin Mountain Park offers several trails and recreation options.

Did you know? Thurmont has been hosting Colorfest since 1963 when it started as a sidewalk sale on Main Street.

Get ready to fill your Instagram feed with pumpkin patches, craft vendors, and enough fried food to make your cardiologist want to retire early.

Activities and Attractions at the Thurmont Colorfest

To explore the activities and attractions available at the Thurmont Colorfest, discover the diverse sub-sections that will capture your attention. The Arts and Crafts Exhibits, Food Vendors, Entertainment, and Kid’s Activities are all featured to enhance the overall experience of this exciting event.

Arts and Crafts Exhibits

The various exhibits showcasing different art forms at the Thurmont Colorfest embody the heading – ‘Artistic Exhibitions’.

The Artistic Exhibitions include:

  • Oil and acrylic paintings by local artists
  • Sculptures made from recycled materials
  • Ceramics featuring pottery, porcelain and stoneware items
  • Jewelry crafted from silver, gold and precious stones.
  • Weaving of various kinds of fabric using traditional techniques
  • Basket-weaving made with a variety of natural materials.

A unique offering is the opportunity to observe live art where visitors can witness painters capturing the essence of Colorfest in real-time.

Pro Tip: Book early to attend workshops on basket-weaving and pottery. It’s a great way to learn something new while celebrating art with fellow enthusiasts at Thurmont Colorfest! Who needs a haunted house when you can experience the real terror of deciding which delicious food vendor to try first at the Thurmont Colorfest?

Food Vendors

Numerous culinary vendors await at the Thurmont Colorfest.

  • Indulge in classic American cuisine.
  • Try diverse international dishes from various cultures.
  • Enjoy delectable desserts and drinks for all ages.
  • Experience carnival-style snacks that ignite your childhood memories.

Savor the unique flavors of crab cakes, fish and chips, fried chicken, pulled pork, and much more.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the funnel cakes – a fan favorite!

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Get ready to color outside the lines with the entertainment lineup at Thurmont Colorfest.


Thurmont Colorfest Offers a Plethora of Enjoyment Options

The Thurmont Colorfest is an exciting event filled with fun activities and attractions. Alongside the proficient artisans showcasing their unique crafts, there are numerous entertainment options for visitors to enjoy.

  • Live Music: Get lost in a symphony of sounds from various local bands during the festival
  • Kid’s Zone: Keep your little ones entertained with creative children’s activities
  • Food Court: Enjoy the scrumptious food from the multiple vendors available at the Food Court

Moreover, visitors can also witness glassblowing artists create stunning pieces, take horse-drawn carriage rides while enjoying the beautiful autumn foliage or visit Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo to view exotic animals.

Notably, visitors can participate in guided walks through nearby nature trails accompanied by volunteers who share unique stories and knowledge about flora and fauna.

Lastly, Did you know that Thurmont Colorfest began as a small sale event held by local merchants over fifty years ago? The event has since grown into one of the most significant events on East Coast. Keep your kids entertained (and exhausted) with the endless activities at Thurmont Colorfest, because nap time is always a win-win situation.

Kid’s Activities

For the young ones, Colorfest has a fantastic range of options to keep them entertained throughout the festival.

  • Artistic fun awaits with face painting and spin art booths scattered throughout the festival.
  • The kids can also try their hand at pumpkin painting, which is always a favorite amongst children.
  • For those craving some physical activity, an inflatable jump house is available to get your energy out.

If you’re looking for a break from all the outdoor activities, make sure to check out the kid-friendly movies being shown throughout the day inside one of the air-conditioned buildings.

Did you know? This year’s Colorfest is expected to draw in visitors from over 10 different states!

Colorfest: Where the only thing brighter than the leaves are the questionable food choices.


Thurmont Colorfest is an annual event that takes place in the town of Thurmont, Maryland. The festival is held on the first weekend of October every year and features over 250 vendors selling everything from food to crafts and jewelry.

Visitors can expect a vibrant display of fall colors, live music performances, and various children’s activities. There are plenty of food options available ranging from classic American dishes to international cuisines.

Unique details about the festival include:

  • A parade on Saturday morning
  • Several contests such as a scarecrow-making competition and pumpkin carvings

According to The Frederick News-Post, the festival draws in an estimated 50,000 visitors annually which makes it one of the largest events in Maryland.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Thurmont Colorfest held?

The Thurmont Colorfest is typically held on the first weekend in October.

2. What can I expect at the Thurmont Colorfest?

The Thurmont Colorfest is a festival that features over 250 vendors selling art, crafts, food, and more. There are also live performances, a parade, and activities for children.

3. Is there an admission fee for the Thurmont Colorfest?

No, there is no admission fee for the Thurmont Colorfest. However, some of the activities and vendors may charge a fee.

4. Where is the Thurmont Colorfest located?

The Thurmont Colorfest is located in Thurmont, Maryland. The festival is held in and around the town’s Community Park.

5. Can I bring my pet to the Thurmont Colorfest?

Pets are not allowed at the Thurmont Colorfest. Only service animals are permitted.

6. Is the Thurmont Colorfest accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes, the Thurmont Colorfest strives to be accessible for all visitors. There are accessible parking spaces and restrooms, and volunteers are available to assist those with disabilities.

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