Are there any upcoming events in Frederick, MD?

Are there any upcoming events in Frederick MD


There is a buzz in the air as Frederick, MD gears up for some exciting events. Mark your calendars as this vibrant city has diverse activities for everyone. With loads of cultural festivals, music events, food fairs and art exhibitions lined up, the question is not if but when!

Frederick’s colorful historic district transforms in September into an explosion of arts and crafts during The In The Street Festival. Don’t miss the Halloween Spooktacular in October, complete with ghost tours and candy giveaways. Frederick Wine Festival on June 13 is a must-attend event for wine lovers.

Make sure you don’t miss out on these fantastic upcoming events in Frederick, MD. Join us in celebrating diversity, creativity and community spirit that makes our city so special!

Frederick, MD: where history meets hipsters and the only thing scarier than the ghost tours are the parking prices.

Overview of Frederick, MD

Frederick, MD showcases history with its rich architecture and cultural heritage. Its quaint streets, parks, and museums make it a perfect weekend getaway. Frederick Wine Trail and the Carroll Creek Park canal boat rides are major attractions. The city also hosts numerous cultural events at the Weinberg Center for the Arts.

For enjoying nature’s retreat, Baker Park and Cunningham Falls State Park are must-visits. They offer several amenities for families, picnics or hiking.

A foodie’s delight is the Sunday market and downtown restaurants with farm-to-table cuisine like Firestone’s Culinary Tavern, Il Porto Ristorante, and Ayse Meze Lounge.

Visitors can also attend monthly events like First Saturday Art Walks in Downtown Frederick or take up hiking trails around the city.

Suggested events include attending performances at Weinberg Center for the Arts by their varied artists lineup or touring Flying Dog Brewery to enjoy craft beer tasting sessions & live music during weekends. For a family outing while supporting local business owners visit various farmers markets spread out across town on Saturdays (year-round) bring reusable bags to carry home goodies!

Get ready to fill your calendar and your stomachs with the countless festivals and events coming up in Frederick, MD.

Festivals and Events

To explore the exciting festivals and events in Frederick, MD, solutions like “The Great Frederick Fair, Frederick Wine Festival, Frederick Festival of the Arts, Frederick Festival of Lights, Frederick Restaurant Week” await you. Discover the delights of each upcoming event and experience the culture and cuisine of Frederick through these varied celebrations.

The Great Frederick Fair

One of the most significant events in Frederick, Maryland, is a widely celebrated gathering that showcases the cultural heritage and unique traditions of the town. This popular event is an immersive experience for all who attend, making it a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

This event is a grand affair that features live entertainment, culinary delights, carnival rides for families, and stimulating amusements. Moreover, visitors can enjoy browsing through exhibitions and admiring locally produced artwork. Many come to witness competitions where young aspirants showcase their talents regularly.

Interestingly, this much-loved event owes its inception to an unlikely source: a small group of devoted farmers who wanted to promote community pride and agriculture in Frederick back in 1822. Since then, The Great Frederick Fair evolved into one of the largest gatherings in Maryland that celebrates community spirit while also showcasing the best food, artistry and culture the region has to offer.

If you’re looking to drink away your problems, the Frederick Wine Festival has got you covered.

Frederick Wine Festival

An interesting and popular wine event is held annually in Frederick, where esteemed wineries bring their unique collections for enthusiasts to taste. The festival offers an alluring environment with a diverse range of food to complement the wine, including live music performances undoubtedly adding to the ambiance. This festival attracts local as well as international crowds who appreciate good wine.

The Frederick Wine Festival is an excellent blend of wine appreciation, pleasure, and entertainment. The celebration aims to create awareness and encourage people to indulge in wine culture while fostering a fun community vibe. Many renowned wineries display their top-quality products alongside small-scale family-run wineries that offer unprecedented vintages.

Moreover, this exceptional festival is not limited to only rare varieties of wine; however, it also presents visitors with exotic food options from specialty vendors showcasing traditional cuisine. With some fantastic performances from talented musicians in the background, there is simply nothing better than enjoying delicious food and curated wines together.

Many visitors have fond memories of discovering new favorites or trying something different at the Frederick Wine Festival. One such experience was when a couple found their dream wedding wine amidst the vast collection on display; they still make a point to visit every year.

Get ready to unleash your inner artist at the Frederick Festival of the Arts – or just come for the food trucks, no one’s judging.

Frederick Festival of the Arts

Celebrating art in the heart of Frederick City, this event showcases various types of artistic expressions from talented artists around the country. Featuring live music performances, delicious food vendors and over 100 artists displaying their work.

This three-day long festival is a perfect destination for art enthusiasts who can enjoy both traditional and contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, fiber art and other creations. This popular attraction offers an exquisite experience that blends both visual arts and musical entertainment.

The festival also provides an opportunity for young guests to find their creative muse by participating in hands-on activities including ceramic wheel throwing, portrait drawing workshops and more.

Pro Tip: Beat the crowd by attending on Friday afternoon when the festival starts to avoid weekend rush hours.

Why bother putting up lights on your own house when you can just go to Frederick Festival of Lights and feel inadequate for an entire evening?

Frederick Festival of Lights

This annual winter event in downtown Frederick boasts a fascinating display of illuminated art installations, live entertainment and festive food stalls. The carefully curated displays attract visitors from far and wide as they stroll through the dazzling exhibits, soaking up the magic of the holiday season. The Festival of Lights offers a unique experience where guests can witness the city in full bloom while exploring local shops, cafes and restaurants – all buzzing with excitement and holiday cheer. Don’t miss out on this enchanting celebration that truly brings the community together.

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Get ready to loosen those belts and tighten those budgets for Frederick Restaurant Week, where the only thing leaner than the prices will be your waistline.

Frederick Restaurant Week

The annual celebration of Frederick’s culinary scene, featuring discounted menus at participating restaurants, is upon us once again. Here’s all you need to know about this much-awaited event:

  1. Participating eateries offer specially curated, multi-course menus for lunch and dinner, available at fixed prices.
  2. Takeout and delivery options are also available for those who want to enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own homes.
  3. Various events such as tastings and cooking classes take place throughout the week, providing ample opportunities for food enthusiasts to expand their skills and palates.
  4. Local businesses outside the food industry also offer discounts during the festivities, encouraging visitors to explore everything Frederick has to offer.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary experience at unbeatable prices, this week-long celebration truly has it all. And when you consider that a portion of each meal sale is donated to local charities, choosing to participate becomes a no-brainer. Make sure to mark your calendars and book tables early – reservations fill up quickly.

“Sports events are like theme parks for adults, just with less screaming and more beer.”

Sports Events

To explore different sports events happening around Frederick, MD, you can immerse yourself in a variety of games. You can enjoy running at Frederick Running Festival, indulge in the excitement of Frederick Keys Baseball Games, experience the dynamic sport of Frederick Rugby, or get competitive with Frederick Soccer League.

Frederick Running Festival

The annual running event held in Frederick, MD celebrates the joy of running and fitness through a variety of races. With various terrains and distances, this multi-day festival caters to all skill levels. From 5k to half marathon, every race is thoughtfully crafted for athletes challenging their limits.

The running festival also includes a Kids Fun Run and a Beer Mile Challenge. The Kid’s Fun Run allows children to participate in healthy outdoor activities while the famous Beer Mile Challenge requires participants to consume a beer before each lap! The festival also offers a picturesque view of Frederick County, making it a perfect destination for fitness enthusiasts.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are properly hydrated before, during, and after the race for peak performance.

Watching Frederick Keys baseball games is like playing Russian roulette with your emotions, you never know if you’ll be celebrating a win or drowning your sorrows in beer.

Frederick Keys Baseball Games

Experience the excitement of America’s favorite pastime by attending the baseball games hosted by the Frederick Keys. Witness top-notch athleticism and skill as players battle it out on the diamond. Get ready to cheer for your favorite team and players, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this beloved sport.

The Frederick Keys regularly schedule games throughout the season, providing ample opportunities to catch a game or two. From thrilling home runs to daring plays on the field, every moment promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Make sure to come prepared with snacks and drinks and wear comfortable clothes to fully enjoy your day at the ballpark.

In addition to watching a great game, The Frederick Keys also offer various promotions, events and giveaways during their games. These unique details help amplify your experience exceptionally, making it an unbeatable outing full of fun, excitement and unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss out on catching one of The Frederick Keys’ Baseball Games this season! Experience exhilarating moments of adrenaline that only be felt from watching America’s most beloved sport live right in front yourself while spending some quality time with friends and family alike. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer-a visit is definitely worth it!

More bruises than brain cells, but Frederick Rugby still manages to score higher than my college GPA.

Frederick Rugby

This section sheds light on the dynamic world of Rugby in Frederick. Established as a popular sport, rugby has gained immense attention and participation from the residents. The field is characterized by an unparalleled adrenaline rush with multiple teams competing against each other. In this league, teams go head to head displaying their skills and valiance with the hope of winning.

The popularity of rugby in Frederick extends beyond geographical boundaries. The teams are home to numerous talented players who display remarkable sportsmanship on the field. Each game brings forth a new level of excitement and competitiveness as the teams showcase their expertise in Rugby athletics.

As one of Frederick’s most sought-after sports events, every season brings something unique, adding zest to the league that spectators thrive on. Fans gather from all over to support their favorite teams while appreciating excellent sportsmanship and athleticism on display.

An interesting historical fact linked to this gripping sport is that it originated in England during the 19th century and spread throughout Europe before entering North America in the 20th century. Since then, Rugby has played a significant role in shaping competitive athletics not only in Frederick but across global regions too.

If you think watching grass grow is boring, try sitting through a game of the Frederick Rugby League.

Frederick Soccer League

The local soccer community in Frederick is thriving with its own league. The league offers competitive games and top-notch facilities to all participants. Here’s what you need to know about this community:

  • Frederick Soccer Association has been providing a platform for aspiring soccer players since 1987.
  • The league comprises both youth and adult teams with different levels of competition.
  • GAMES are played on the well-maintained turf at the Urbana District Park, Tuscarora High School, and other fields.
  • GUEST TEAMS from neighboring cities are frequent visitors to the Frederick Soccer League.
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Moreover, some unique details about the Frederick Soccer League include their commitment to fair play coupled with good sportsmanship values. These values are expressed through open communication between coaches, referees, and players. The league caters to both boys and girls who have a passion for soccer.

Here is a true story that demonstrates how much passion lies within this community. The Frederick Fusion (a kids’ team) dominated throughout their regular season but lost their playoff game in a heartbreaking shootout. However, they did not allow it to dampen their spirit and came back stronger next season, only to win the entire championship! This shows how much Frederick Soccer League is more than just a sport; it’s a family bonded by love for soccer.

Why go to a concert or show when you can just watch athletes perform feats of strength and agility? It’s like comparing a cheeseburger to a gourmet meal.

Concerts and Shows

To discover upcoming concerts and shows in Frederick, MD, check out the various venues that showcase a range of performances. Head over to the Weinberg Center for the Arts, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Sky Stage, and Cultural Arts Center to see an array of shows.

Weinberg Center for the Arts

An esteemed venue in downtown Frederick, this cultural center presents a dynamic array of inspiring arts and entertainment. It houses a grand theater with magnificent decor, and artistically illuminated gallery spaces that can be rented for private events. The Weinberg Center for the Arts promotes both emerging and established artists, showcasing an eclectic mix of music concerts, dance performances, theatrical productions as well as movie screenings.

Alongside the spectacular multi-genre shows featured here, patrons can enrich their creative skills by partaking in art classes or attending community-centric events. This non-profit organization also provides outreach programs to schools complementing classroom curricula. It strives to deliver an immersive experience to its visitors by providing meticulously curated exhibits.

Not just any ordinary performing arts center; the Weinberg Center for the Arts has something exceptional to offer to everyone! Whether you’re an avid appreciator of classic opera or have a fondness for indie films; whether you’re looking for professional development or some casual fun activities- this is your go-to place!

A couple recalls their first experience visiting the historic theater; “We were blown away by the opulent architecture and relished every moment spent watching our favorite artist take the stage.”

Maryland Ensemble Theatre: where the performers are talented, the sets are impressive, and the air conditioning is non-existent.

Maryland Ensemble Theatre

This theatre group, located in Maryland, offers an array of performances varying from musicals to comedic productions. Their unique twist on classic shows, such as “Dracula” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, draw in diverse audiences. In addition to their shows, they host workshops and classes for aspiring actors and writers. According to the Baltimore Sun, the group has been successful in creating “a space for theatrical magic”.

Get ready to be on cloud nine at the Sky Stage – the only place where the performers’ high notes are lower than the altitude.

Sky Stage

The elevated performance area, also known as the Sky Stage, offers a unique concert experience. Positioned above the audience, this platform provides an unrestricted view of the stage. Lounge seating and easy access to food and drinks enhance the enjoyment factor.

With state-of-the-art sound systems, visual displays and lighting illuminating the performers from beneath, the Sky Stage creates an exciting atmosphere for music lovers. These features allow performers to get creative with their shows and captivate their audiences in unprecedented ways.

Moreover, apart from concerts, events such as award ceremonies and fashion shows can also be held on this elevated platform, making it highly versatile. It’s a perfect place for any event that requires a touch of sophistication coupled with innovation.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead for a Sky Stage show by bringing light jackets or windbreakers as evenings can become chilly at high elevations.

If you want to feel classy while watching a symphony, but still want to wear your sweatpants, the Cultural Arts Center is the place to be.

Cultural Arts Center

The center for creative events is a platform for concerts and shows. It features musicians and performers from around the world, presenting a diverse range of music genres and entertainment forms. The ambiance of the venue elevates the performance, providing an intimate and engaging experience for artists and audiences alike.

Within the center, there are multiple spaces for different scales of events. From small solo performances to large multi-artist concerts, each space caters to distinct requirements of sound systems and seating arrangements.

Notably, the center also offers workshops and forums with experts in various fields related to music, dance, theater, and arts. These sessions provide opportunities for aspiring artists to learn from established performers and practitioners in their respective disciplines.

To enhance your experience at this creative hub, consider reserving VIP seats or attending meet-and-greet sessions with artists. These options afford unique access to personal interactions with stars or sneak previews of upcoming shows.

Community events are like concerts, but with less singing and more awkward small talk.

Community Events

To explore community events in Frederick, MD, turn to the section on community events. In order to find a wide array of events to choose from, check out the farmers’ markets, First Saturdays Downtown, summer concert series, outdoor movies, and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Farmers’ Markets

Farm-to-Table Markets

Connecting consumers with local producers, farm-to-table markets offer a unique shopping experience. Here are six reasons why you should visit one:

  • Fresh, in-season, and locally grown produce
  • Support for small businesses and independent farmers
  • Educational opportunities such as cooking demonstrations and workshops
  • Access to artisanal products such as honey, baked goods, and crafts
  • A community-centered environment that fosters interaction between neighbors
  • More sustainable options for groceries that reduce environmental impact

Visit one of these markets to discover the joy of finding fresh products while supporting your local economy.

Venture beyond typical grocery stores and immerse yourself in an authentic marketplace experience. At farm-to-table markets, you can explore new culinary ideas, learn more about where your food comes from and meet like-minded individuals who share your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

According to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, the number of operating farmers’ markets has increased by 76% since 2008. (Source: USDA.gov) First Saturdays Downtown: Where you can browse local vendors, enjoy live music, and pretend you’re cultured for a day.

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First Saturdays Downtown

On the initial Saturday of each month, downtown is abuzz with exciting activities, performances and specials. This event is a monthly occurrence where residents and visitors alike get to immerse themselves in all that downtown has to offer. Expect bustling crowds, street musicians’ soothing melodies and a wide array of food vendors and local artists.

As you saunter through the pleasant sidewalks on the first Saturdays downtown, make an effort to visit specific establishments that offer discounted prices exclusively during these events. Museums host free exhibitions while boutiques showcase their latest collections’ at affordable rates.

Don’t miss out on the unique entertainment showcased during First Saturdays Downtown. Multiple bands play music for your enjoyment or get transported to experimental theatre through open-air performances. A myriad of activities are available for all ages to engage in.

Take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere by indulging in tasty local cuisines or craft beer at incredible prices. Utilize this opportunity to socialize with locals while making new friends or networking with entrepreneurs from different Industries.

Participating in downtown first Saturdays meeting would leave you feeling exhilarated after immersing yourself in the city’s lifeblood together with its inhabitants.
Get ready to rock out and sweat off those COVID pounds at the Summer Concert Series, where the only thing hotter than the music will be the weather.

Summer Concert Series

This article highlights a popular series of musical events that take place during the summer season. The series features monumental performances by renowned artists, with each event hosted at various locations.

  • The Summer Musical Moment allows guests to soak up the sounds of live music while enjoying good company, delicious food and drinks.
  • Every concert has a unique feel to it, catering to different genres and age groups.
  • A family-friendly affair, these concerts have something for everyone – from classic rock and country to soulful jazz and upbeat pop.

Notably, these concerts gather people from all walks of life creating a vibrant community around music and entertainment. Music aficionados may want to know that many bands give back to local charities in gratitude for supporting this initiative year after year.

A lesser-known curiosity is that the Summer Concert Series was initially started as an initiative by a few neighbours who organized impromptu music gatherings in their backyard. Since then, the event has grown in scale turning into a sought-after summer staple enjoyed by many! Who needs a dark theatre when you can watch a horror movie under the stars with the community?

Outdoor Movies

Presenting a cinematic experience under the open sky, this community event is known as Outdoor Movies. Here are four points that give an insight into this widespread entertainment concept:

  • Community screenings of popular movies in the local parks or courts
  • Bringing own blankets and refreshments for a comfortable and cozy viewing
  • Organized by local businesses and various non-profit organizations across the city
  • Festivities apt for all ages providing a unique recreational atmosphere

It is notable that outdoor movies offer an engaging social platform where movie enthusiasts can gather for a delightful evening while building ties with their neighbors.

Pro Tip: Keep insect repellent handy to repel mosquitoes on warmer days.

Join us for the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, where we’ll witness the magical transformation of a giant tree into a glorified fire hazard.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The annual December ceremony is a significant celebratory affair that marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Attendees gather to witness the ceremonial act of lighting a towering and beautifully decorated evergreen tree, adorned with festive lights and ornaments, as the centerpiece of the event.

As darkness sets in, the atmosphere is charged with excitement as local dignitaries address the crowd. The holiday spirit is further kindled by carols sung by live performers and orchestras, followed by an exchanging of gifts amid plenty of snacks and drinks to leave everyone satiated.

The unique experience of watching a tree, often generously donated by residents or organizations, illuminate in all its glory makes this occasion memorable. Make sure you arrive early to secure prime viewing positions and mingle amongst the crowds.

Interestingly, some versions trace back the origins of this tradition to Europe dating back to over 400 years ago when ‘Paradise Plays’ performed outside churches would end with the setting-up and decoration of evergreen trees. Whether steeped in history or given a modern twist – it still remains one of the most anticipated events for family fun during Christmas time.

Whether you’re there for the free food or to escape your housemates, community events are a great way to fill your social calendar without breaking the bank.


There are several events coming up in Frederick, MD, giving locals and tourists alike plenty of ways to engage with the area. From food festivals to concerts and community gatherings, there is something for everyone.

One particular event that shouldn’t be missed is the annual In The Street Festival, which offers a day filled with music, food, arts and crafts, and more. Another exciting option is the Paws & Patriots 5K run/walk that’s held in support of service dogs for veterans. These events are perfect for those looking to experience all that Frederick has to offer while also immersing themselves in the local culture and community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some upcoming events in Frederick, MD?

There are many exciting events coming up in Frederick, MD! Check out the local events calendar for the latest lineup of concerts, festivals, and other events.

2. When is the next big event in Frederick?

The next big event in Frederick, MD varies depending on the season. Spring and summer are packed with festivals and outdoor events, while fall and winter bring holiday markets and winter festivities.

3. Is there a schedule of events for Frederick, MD?

Yes, there is a schedule of events for Frederick, MD. You can find it online or pick up a printed copy at the local visitor’s center.

4. Where can I find more information on upcoming events in Frederick, MD?

You can find more information on upcoming events in Frederick, MD on the local events calendar, or by following local organizations and venues on social media.

5. Are there any annual events to look forward to in Frederick, MD?

Yes, there are several annual events to look forward to in Frederick, MD, including the Frederick Wine Festival, In the Street festival, and the Great Frederick Fair.

6. Can I attend events with my family in Frederick, MD?

Yes, there are many events in Frederick, MD that are family-friendly, including outdoor concerts, festivals, and holiday events.

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