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Frederick County Transportation

Frederick County Transportation offers convenient and accessible options to help you get here and get around. Whether you prefer to travel by road, rail, or air, Frederick County has got you covered. With three international airports providing limousine service, AMTRAK coordinated with MARC Commuter Rail, and Greyhound Bus service in Downtown Frederick, you have plenty of choices. And if you prefer the freedom of driving, ample parking makes it easy to explore the area by car. No matter how you choose to arrive, Frederick County Transportation has everything you need to plan your visit and make the most of your time here.

Frederick County Transportation

Frederick County is a highly accessible destination due to its excellent transportation infrastructure. Whether you prefer to travel by road, rail, or air, getting to and around Frederick County is a breeze. With multiple transportation options and convenient services, your journey to this vibrant county will be smooth and hassle-free.

Frederick County Transportation

Road Transportation

If you prefer to travel by car, Frederick County is easily accessible via major highways and well-maintained roads. The county is conveniently connected to neighboring cities and regions, making it a convenient destination for both local and long-distance travelers. Whether you are driving from nearby Baltimore or Washington D.C., or embarking on a road trip from further afield, you will find Frederick County well-connected and easy to navigate.

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Accessible by Car

Frederick County can be reached by car through various routes. Interstate 70 and Interstate 270 are two major highways that intersect within the county, providing easy access from both east-west and north-south directions. These highways connect Frederick County to major cities such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Pittsburgh.

Parking Availability

Once you arrive in Frederick County by car, you will find ample parking options throughout the county. Whether you are visiting the vibrant downtown area or exploring the scenic countryside, parking facilities are readily available. Numerous parking garages, lots, and street parking spaces ensure that finding a parking spot is convenient and stress-free.

Rail Transportation

For those who prefer traveling by train, Frederick County offers several options for rail transportation, providing a convenient and efficient way to reach the county and explore its many attractions.

MARC Commuter Rail

The MARC Commuter Rail is a popular choice for both commuters and visitors traveling to Frederick County. MARC operates three stations within the county, namely Frederick, Monocacy, and Point of Rocks. These stations provide connectivity to the greater metropolitan area, making it easy for visitors to access Frederick County without the hassle of driving.


AMTRAK is another reliable rail service that visitors can utilize to reach Frederick County. While there are no direct AMTRAK stations within the county, coordinated arrival and departure times can be arranged with MARC Commuter Rail, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey for travelers coming to Frederick County via AMTRAK.

Greyhound Bus

Traveling by bus is another affordable and convenient option for reaching Frederick County. Greyhound Bus service is available in Downtown Frederick, offering connections to major cities and regions across the United States. Whether you are traveling from nearby cities or embarking on a long-distance bus journey, Greyhound Bus provides a reliable and comfortable means of transportation.

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Frederick County Transportation

Air Transportation

For travelers coming from further distances, air transportation is a convenient option to reach Frederick County. With three international airports serving the region and limousine services available, flying into Frederick County is convenient and hassle-free.

International Airports

Frederick County is served by three international airports: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). These airports offer numerous domestic and international flight options, connecting travelers from all over the world to Frederick County.

Limousine Service

To ensure a smooth and luxurious journey from the airport to your destination within Frederick County, limousine services are readily available at all three international airports. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, arranging a limousine service will add an extra touch of comfort and convenience to your travel experience.

Visitor Center

To answer any questions you may have and provide assistance during your visit to Frederick County, the Visitor Center is an excellent resource. Located at 151 S. East Street in Frederick, MD, the Visitor Center offers comprehensive information on attractions, events, dining options, and accommodations. The friendly staff is always ready to help, providing personalized recommendations to ensure you make the most of your time in Frederick County.

In conclusion, Frederick County offers excellent transportation options, making it easily accessible for visitors from all over the world. Whether you prefer to drive, take the train, or fly, reaching Frederick County is a hassle-free experience. With convenient road connections, well-connected rail services, and a choice of international airports, getting to and around Frederick County is a breeze. Plan your visit today and explore all that this vibrant county has to offer!

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