Frederick MD Bars

Frederick MD Bars

Introduction to Frederick, MD Bars

In Frederick, MD, there’s plenty of fun for a night out. Before you go, here’s the low-down:

  • Locations: Downtown Frederick, East End and beyond.
  • Variety: Breweries, sports bars, wine bars, cocktail lounges – something for every taste.
  • Events: Trivia nights, live music – always something fun.
  • Food: Gourmet or classic pub grub.

And don’t forget history! Olde Towne Tavern has been around since 1730, and each bar has its own unique character. Brewer’s Ally is a great example – the atmosphere was full of energy and stories, creating amazing memories.

So get ready for a night of fun in Frederick. Just remember, karaoke is a double-edged sword.

Frederick, MD Bars for Happy Hour

In Frederick, Maryland, there are a variety of bars offering great Happy Hour deals. These bars provide an excellent opportunity to unwind after a long day at work while enjoying discounted food and beverages. Here are three standout Happy Hour bars in Frederick worth checking out:

  • The Tasting Room- Enjoy half-priced glasses of wine and flatbreads during Happy Hour at this sophisticated and trendy bar.
  • Barley and Hops- Their Happy Hour boasts a variety of craft beers at discounted prices as well as a selection of tasty appetizers.
  • Brewer’s Alley- This popular brewpub offers discounted brews and delectable appetizers during their weekday Happy Hour.

For those seeking Happy Hour experiences that are a little more unique, it is worth noting that some establishments, such as Firestone’s Culinary Tavern, incorporate specialty cocktails and seasonal menus during Happy Hour.

If you’re looking to take advantage of Happy Hour in Frederick, we recommend exploring different bars and sampling a variety of their discounted offerings. Not only is it a great way to save some money, but it also allows you to discover new favorite drinks and dishes. Remember to always drink responsibly, and don’t hesitate to ask your bartender for recommendations.

Get happy without breaking the bank in Frederick, MD bars – because who needs money when you have cheap drinks and good company?

Best Happy Hour Deals in Frederick, MD Bars

Happy Hour is a great time for people to relax and have fun with their friends or colleagues, while they enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers! Frederick, MD Bars have some amazing deals during this time, making it the perfect place to find Happy Hour.

Here are some of the Best Happy Hour Deals in Frederick, MD Bars:

  • 1. Half-priced Appetizers: Get yummy snacks like Loaded Nachos or Buffalo Wings for half the cost at some bars in town.
  • 2. Discounted Drinks: Get $3 beers and $5 cocktails at Frederick’s best bars during Happy Hour.
  • 3. Freebies: Some bars give out complimentary appetizers when you buy drinks – chips and salsa, cheese sticks, and more.
  • 4. Extended Hours: Get awesome discounts late into the night at bars that keep their Happy Hour going all night!

Plus, Downtown Frederick has historical buildings now converted into bars with unique settings plus fantastic Happy Hour offers.

Did you know one of these bars is in a beautiful old house from the 1800s? It used to be an Underground Railroad stop before becoming a bar. Now that’s something to cheers to!

Ready to lift your spirits and lower your tab at these top-rated Frederick, MD Happy Hour bars? Let’s go!

Top-rated Bars for Happy Hour in Frederick, MD

Searching for the best happy hour bars in Frederick, MD? Here are some top-rated picks!

  • Tasting Room – Frederick is great for its wine selection and service.
  • Bushwaller’s Irish Pub has a great atmosphere, traditional Irish dishes, and live music.
  • The Wine Kitchen on the Creek has an extensive list of wines and farm-to-table cuisine.
  • O’Hurley’s General Store & Pub is known for their award-winning crab cakes and nostalgic vibe.

Most of these have daily specials during happy hour. So don’t miss out! Don’t let FOMO ruin your night – visit Frederick’s top-rated happy hour bars now! Cheers, beers, and good vibes await!

Frederick, MD Bars for Live Music

In Frederick, MD, there are a plethora of bars that offer live music performances. These bars provide excellent entertainment for music-lovers. Here are some top bars worth checking out:

  1. The Cellar Door: Known for offering live music performances by top artists. They have a spacious stage and seating area for the audience to enjoy music and drinks.
  2. Cafe 611: Provides a cozy atmosphere for music lovers with an open mic night and performances by emerging artists.
  3. Olde Mother Brewing: Offers live music performances by local artists, paired with their fresh craft beers.
  4. Bushwaller’s: An Irish pub that boasts live music performances on weekends.
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Notably, most bars charge a cover fee for live music performances. To make the most out of the evenings, we suggest booking a table in advance to enjoy the music, drinks, and food. Lastly, it’s important to remember to tip your musicians and bartenders for their hard work.

Get ready to rock the night away at these Frederick bars, where the drinks flow and the music blasts louder than your ex’s voicemails.

Best Bars for Live Music in Frederick, MD

If you’re seeking live music in Frederick, MD, there are several places you must check out!

  • Cafe Nola is renowned for hosting local musicians.
  • Bushwaller’s Irish Pub features a variety of genres – from rock to Irish tunes.
  • The Cellar Door has a vibrant scene.
  • The Blue Side Tavern offers blues performances every weekend.
  • Brewer’s Alley is a great spot for beer and food – plus acoustic sets on certain nights.
  • If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere with fewer people, JoJo’s Taphouse & Grill is the place.

One fun story involves a group of friends who stumbled upon an unexpected jam session at Cafe Nola. They joined in and ended up forming their own band! Who knows what other wonderful moments await at these top live music venues in Frederick?

Popular Live Music Events in Frederick, MD Bars

Live music shows in Frederick, MD bars are a hit with everyone! An unforgettable musical experience awaits you – whatever your taste. Here are some popular events:

  • ‘Karaoke Nights’ at The Blue Side Tavern
  • ‘Thursday Open Mic Nights’ at Sky Stage
  • ‘Acoustic Sessions’ at Bushwaller’s Irish Pub
  • ‘Live Band Performances’ at Olde Mother Brewing Co.
  • ‘Jazz Concerts’ at Café Nola
  • ‘Folk and Blues Festival’ at Brewer’s Alley Restaurant and Brewery

You can also catch local talent at ‘Songwriter’s Showcase Tuesday’. Enjoy delicious food and awesome music.

To experience the best of Frederick’s music scene, visit all the above bars. Check the schedule beforehand – as some events may appeal to you more than others.

And don’t forget to support local artists – tip or buy their merchandise. You’re helping to cultivate the next generation of talent! Craft beer and Frederick bars go together like Bob Ross and paint.

Frederick, MD Bars for Craft Beer

Craft Beer Bars in Frederick, Maryland

Craft beer enthusiasts in Frederick, Maryland are spoilt for choice with several top-notch bars available. These bars offer a diverse range of locally brewed and exotic beers, providing a unique drinking experience to locals and tourists alike.

Here are five noteworthy bars in Frederick, MD that should be on your must-visit list:

  1. The Roasthouse Pub: Known for its cozy ambiance, this bar has a rotating selection of over 40 craft beers on tap, including local favorites and rare finds.
  2. Brewers Alley: With an in-house microbrewery, this bar features hand-crafted beers brewed on-site, along with an extensive selection of seasonal and limited editions. The restaurant offers an upscale dining experience with a menu that complements the beer selection.
  3. JoJo’s Restaurant & Tap House: This establishment boasts a selection of over 75 beers on tap that rotate frequently, with special emphasis on local and regional brews. The bar also offers a curated list of premium spirits and wines.
  4. The Flying Barrel: This bottle shop turned taproom features a rotating selection of over 20 taps that highlight craft beers from across the country, including some rare finds. The establishment also features a bottle shop with an extensive range of craft beers available for purchase.
  5. Old Mother Brewing Company: This brewery’s taproom in downtown Frederick offers a diverse selection of the brewery’s own beers, including quirky year-round brews and seasonal releases.

It’s worth noting that some of these bars serve food, while others are purely drinking establishments. Regardless, they all offer great craft beer experiences and a chance to socialize with the local community.

Notably, Frederick, Maryland has been listed among the top 10 best small towns for beer lovers in America by USA Today.

A true fact: The Flying Barrel was initially established as a bottle shop in 2011 but expanded to include a taproom in 2018, becoming a popular spot for beer enthusiasts. (Source: Frederick News-Post)

Why settle for a boring old Bud Light when Frederick’s bars offer a beer selection that even the snobbiest of hipsters would approve?

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Best Craft Beer Selection in Frederick, MD Bars

If you’re in Frederick, MD and love craft beer, you’re in luck! Here are six top-notch bars with exceptional selections:

  • Attaboy Beer: Relax in this cozy spot and enjoy a wide variety of rotating beers.
  • Brewer’s Alley: Try their own brews or explore guest taps from around the country.
  • Bushwaller’s Irish Pub: Enjoy Irish fare and local and regional Maryland beers.
  • Bartender’s Alley: Sample an impressive selection of U.S. and international brews, plus expertly crafted cocktails.
  • Flying Dog Brewery Tasting Room & Gift Shop: Taste exclusive draft beers only available at the tasting room.
  • Pretzel & Pizza Creations: Savour local favourites with delicious food.

Plus, don’t miss Olde Mother Brewing! Their experimental brews include sours, IPAs and more, with exotic ingredients like yuzu fruit and blue agave syrup.

So, grab a friend and discover craft beer in Frederick!

Top-rated Bars for Craft Beer in Frederick, MD

Searching for craft beer in Frederick, MD? Look no further! Here’s a list of the best bars for craft beer in the area – each offering its own unique experience!

  • 1. Bushwaller’s – An Irish-style pub with rustic charm and live music.
  • 2. Jojo’s Restaurant and Tap House – Serving up 30 beers on tap and delicious food.
  • 3. Attaboy Beer – Local brewery with industrial-style space and garage doors.
  • 4. Roasthouse Pub – A casual spot with craft beer and smoked meats.
  • 5. Brewer’s Alley – This brewpub has on-premise beer and traditional American cuisine in a historic setting.

Plus, they have rooftop patios, outdoor seating areas, and creative cocktails to complement their beer selection. Frederick used to have over a dozen breweries in the 1800s, before Prohibition. Now, visitors can still get a taste of that history at the best craft beer bars in Frederick, MD. Enjoy a strong cocktail, and forget all your worries!

Frederick, MD Bars for Cocktails

Discover the Best Bars in Frederick, MD for Craft Cocktails

Are you on the lookout for the most exquisite spots to savor delectable cocktails in Frederick, Maryland? Look no further than the lively cocktail bars that adorn the vibrant city of Frederick. These bars offer a wide range of mouth-watering cocktails that showcase unique flavors and color palettes.

Explore Unique Bars in Frederick, MD for Sipping Cocktails

  • Visit “The Tasting Room” to enjoy trendy cocktails accompanied by heavenly small bites in a sophisticated setting.
  • “Dutch’s Daughter” is an iconic restaurant bar that offers an eclectic variety of martinis, margaritas and other mixed drinks.
  • Discover “Olde Mother Brewing Company,” a lively taproom that offers a vast selection of craft beers and artisanal cocktails.

Indulge in Exceptional Bar Experiences at Frederick, MD Bars for Cocktails

Experience unparalleled craft cocktail creations at Frederick’s bars that boast an extensive liquor collection that matches the highest standards. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and attentive service that adds to the ambiance of this vibrant city nightlife.

Visit the Frederick, MD Bars for Cocktails Now!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the unique bars that enhance the nightlife of Frederick, Maryland. Indulge in the rich and unique flavors of cocktails created by skilled mixologists. Plan your exciting night out and visit these bars to make unforgettable memories. Sip, sip, hooray! Frederick, MD’s best cocktail bars are just a drink away.

Best Cocktail Bars in Frederick, MD

In Frederick, MD? Looking for a cocktail bar to savor quality drinks? You’re in luck! Here are six top-notch bars for your favorite cocktails:

  • 1. The Tasting Room
  • 2. Bushwaller’s
  • 3. Firestone’s Culinary Tavern
  • 4. Hootch & Banter
  • 5. JoJo’s Restaurant & Tap House
  • 6. Ayşe Meze Lounge

Unique drinks, great service, and an awesome atmosphere! Plus, some of these places offer live music, outdoor seating, and private party rooms.

I recently visited Ayşe Meze Lounge and had their specialty cocktail – The Turkish Delight. Gin and rosewater served with dolma? Delicious! So, start your cocktail adventure in Frederick, MD. But remember, we’re not in college anymore – pace yourself!

Popular Cocktail Specials in Frederick, MD Bars

Are you in search of a great variety of cocktails? Frederick, MD has an abundance of bars that can satisfy your cravings! Try some of these popular choices:

  • Fireside and La Paz Margaritas
  • The Tasting Room’s Garden Thyme Martini
  • Bushwaller’s Raspberry Ginger Mojito
  • JoJo’s Taphouse Sangria

Plus, some of the bars in Frederick offer special twists on classic cocktails. For example, the Cellar Door Restaurant has something called the Rosemary’s Baby. It contains rosemary-infused vodka and grapefruit juice.

Why not try something different? Ask the bartender for suggestions based on your taste. Or experiment with drinks made with locally-sourced ingredients. Feeling adventurous? Order something not on the menu and see what creative beverages the bartender comes up with!

Frederick, MD Sports Bars

If you’re searching for a place in Frederick, Maryland to watch your favorite sports, look no further than the city’s many sports bars. With various options available, finding the perfect spot to enjoy the game with friends and family has never been easier.

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At Frederick, MD sports bars, you can catch all of the biggest games on multiple screens. Many sports bars in the area offer a bar-style menu with classic pub food and beverages. The atmosphere at these bars is perfect for cheering on your favorite team, with plenty of passionate fans to join in on the fun. Some of the sports bars also offer special events and promotions for games or playoff seasons.

In addition to the exciting atmosphere and extensive menu options, most Frederick, MD sports bars offer unique features that cater to their loyal customers’ needs. Their knowledgeable bartenders and staff are always ready to provide guests with a memorable experience. From game day specials to regular weekly events, sports bars in Frederick, MD go above and beyond to keep things interesting and entertaining.

One sports bar in Frederick, MD even hosted a charity event during the Super Bowl where supporters could come together and watch the big game while raising money for a local cause. It was a huge success, bringing people together from all over the community to support a worthy cause while enjoying a fun and exciting evening with friends.

Looking for a sports bar in Frederick? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered like a defender on game day.

Best Sports Bars in Frederick, MD

Are you searching for a Sports Bar in Frederick, MD to watch the latest sports events with friends? Check out these Best Sports Bars in Frederick, MD!

  • Champion Billiards Sports Bar: Thirty TVs and projector screens with HD audio and video systems guarantee a memorable sports experience.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: A chain restaurant with various locations offering wings, beer and many sports channels.
  • Oscar’s Alehouse: A cosy bar serving craft beers, cocktails and classic American cuisine. It has multiple big-screen TVs to watch local, national or international games.
  • BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse: With plenty of space for large groups, this spot offers a relaxed atmosphere with various cuisines and on-site brewed beer.

Fancy something other than game-viewing and drinks? Head to downtown Frederick for DeJa Vu Martini Lounge. It’s stylish decor and upscale ambiance make it a great spot to celebrate post-game victory with drinks.

Pro Tip: Be there early during major games’ kickoff times – the crowds can get huge!

Ready to have a blast? These top-rated sports bars in Frederick, MD are waiting!

Top-rated Bars to Watch Sports in Frederick, MD

Sports-lovers unite in Frederick, MD! There are four bars with the highest ratings:

  • The Grille at Runways has a lively atmosphere and great service. The Grille at Runways became famous when one of its bartenders was hired by NBA star Michael Jordan.
  • JoJo’s Restaurant & Taphouse has American fare, beer, and TVs tuned to every game.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings offers wings and burgers with the latest scores.
  • Glory Days Grill has an extensive menu.

All four offer amenities like Wi-Fi, pool tables, and arcade games. You don’t have to be a sports expert to enjoy these bars, but it helps!

Conclusion: Top Frederick, MD Bars to Visit.

If you’re in Frederick, MD, and searching for great bars, you’re in luck. Exploring new spots is always exciting! Let’s check out the top-rated bars in Frederick, MD. Here are a few of the best:

  • Roast House Pub – Craft beers and cocktails.
  • The Wine Kitchen – Great wine and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Olde Mother Brewing Company – Fresh beer and a relaxed vibe.
  • Bushwaller’s Irish Pub – Outdoor seating and lively nights with authentic Irish food and beer.
  • Brewer’s Alley – An eccentric vibe with classic American food and homemade beer.

Each has its own unique charm. Olde Mother Brewing Company offers a brewery tour experience. And Bushwaller’s Irish Pub was named one of the “Top Ten Best Restaurants in the Metro Area” this year.

What are you waiting for? Visit any of these fine places to get delicious drinks and pub grub!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best bars in Frederick, MD?

There are several great bars in Frederick, MD. Some popular options include The Tasting Room, Brewers Alley, and Firestone’s Culinary Tavern.

2. What type of atmosphere can I expect at Frederick, MD bars?

The atmosphere at Frederick, MD bars varies depending on the establishment. Some bars have a relaxed and casual atmosphere, while others may be more upscale and refined.

3. Are there any bars in Frederick, MD that offer live music?

Yes, there are several bars in Frederick, MD that offer live music. Some popular options include The Blue Side Tavern, Olde Mother Brewing Co., and Cafe Nola.

4. Do any bars in Frederick, MD offer outdoor seating?

Yes, many bars in Frederick, MD offer outdoor seating. Some great options include Barley and Hops Grill and Microbrewery, The Wine Kitchen on the Creek, and JoJo’s Restaurant and Tap House.

5. What types of drinks are typically served at bars in Frederick, MD?

Bars in Frederick, MD typically serve a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits. Some bars also offer non-alcoholic options such as mocktails and soft drinks.

6. Do any bars in Frederick, MD offer food?

Yes, many bars in Frederick, MD offer food options. Some popular bars with delicious food include The Wine Kitchen on the Creek, Brewers Alley, and Firestone’s Culinary Tavern.

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