Frederick MD Brewery

Frederick MD Brewery

History of Brewing in Frederick MD

The region of Frederick MD is known for its thriving agricultural scene – and its breweries! Brewing has been part of the area’s history since the 1700s. After Prohibition hit in the 1920s, a new wave of microbreweries emerged.

Brewer’s Alley, Idiom Brewing Co., Attaboy Beer, and Rockwell Brewery are some of the breweries that have sprung up in recent times. They take pride in preserving the craft of beer-making, while also experimenting with flavors.

Additionally, Frederick MD was once home to house-brewing kits, which were traded by early settlers. Anti-alcohol movements have caused setbacks – but Frederick continues to celebrate traditional beer-making.

It’s hard to pick a favorite brewery in Frederick, MD – but we’ll give it a go!

Top Breweries in Frederick MD

Breweries are a huge part of Frederick MD’s social culture, and locals and visitors love them! Here’s a list of the best breweries in the city:

  • Monocacy Brewing Company: If you’re looking for top-quality beer with an industrial feel, this is the spot.
  • Flying Dog Brewery: Maryland’s famous brewery offers tours and an amazing selection of beers.
  • Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm: A hidden gem just outside of Frederick MD. Enjoy their locally brewed beer while taking in the views of farm animals, etc.
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There’s more to these breweries than just beer. Learn about brewing techniques, local ingredients, food pairings, and music events. And how about brewing your own beer? That’s an amazing experience!

Steinhardt Brewing Co. was founded by Joseph Steinhardt in 2006. Today, it’s one of Frederick’s most respected microbreweries. Their flagship beer “Frederick Pony” was inspired by an 1829 steam fire engine used by the Frederick Volunteer Fire Company.

Experience Frederick MD’s unique beer flavors! It’s sure to be a great time.

Unique Beers to Try at Frederick MD Breweries

Taste the Unique Brews of Frederick, MD!

Beer-lovers can rejoice in Frederick, Maryland’s local breweries. Here are 5 must-try options:

  • Cherry Sour Ale. Balanced tartness and sweetness that delights.
  • Coffee Cream Stout. Roasted coffee beans and creamy sweetness.
  • Razzle Dazzle Wheat Beer. Refreshing twist with raspberry puree.
  • Vanilla Brown Ale. Earthy tones with aromatic vanilla.
  • Blood Orange IPA. Bitter notes with zesty citrus.

Brewer’s special concoctions & seasonal releases also available. Enjoy your beer in cozy seating arrangements with live music performances. To top it off, the onsite Cicerones will help you choose the perfect beer based on your taste preferences. Hop on the beer wagon and experience the full-bodied fun of Frederick MD breweries.

Events and Tours at Frederick MD Breweries

Are you looking for something unique in Frederick, Maryland? Visit local breweries for events and tours! With their unique brewing techniques and history, you can learn, taste, and socialize.

Here are some things you can do at local breweries:

  • Go on Guided Brewery Tours – Get an inside look at beer-making with expert brewers.
  • Taste Brewery Beers – Sample popular beers or test out new flavors with experienced staff.
  • Attend Beer Pairing Dinners – Enjoy custom meals with perfect brews hosted by the brewery.
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For even more fun, don’t miss out on seasonal beers, trivia nights, industry gatherings, and other special events. Plus, grab a souvenir or two from your favorite brewery before leaving! Combining Frederick MD Brewery beers with food is like finding your soulmate – the perfect match.

Best Food Pairings with Frederick MD Brewery Beers

Sip on Frederick MD Brewery’s craft beers with delicious food pairings!

  • Hefeweizen – classic burger for a pub-style experience.
  • Amber Lager – spicy chicken wings or fish tacos.
  • Golden Ale – grilled cheese sandwich for a lazy weekend meal.
  • IPA – Pad Thai or Singapore noodles.
  • Scottish Ale – Beef Pot Roast for a rich flavor.
  • Pale Ale – mushroom risotto or grilled zucchini medallions.

Plus, taste unique seasonal beers with seafood in summers and stews in winters. Visit Frederick MD Brewery’s taproom to enjoy an unforgettable evening with craft beer and delicious food.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Frederick MD Brewery?

The Frederick MD Brewery is a local brewery in Frederick, Maryland that specializes in craft beers.

2. What kind of beers do they serve at Frederick MD Brewery?

Frederick MD Brewery serves a variety of craft beers including IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Porter, and Belgian-style ales.

3. Is there a restaurant at Frederick MD Brewery?

No, there is no restaurant at Frederick MD Brewery. However, they do allow food trucks to park outside and serve food to their customers.

4. Can I bring my own food to Frederick MD Brewery?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food to Frederick MD Brewery or order delivery from nearby restaurants.

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5. Do they offer tours of the brewery?

Yes, Frederick MD Brewery offers tours of their brewery on Saturdays. You can contact them for more information and to book a tour.

6. Is Frederick MD Brewery kid-friendly?

Yes, Frederick MD Brewery is kid-friendly and allows children to come with their parents.

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