Frederick MD Hampton Inn

Frederick MD Hampton Inn

Overview of the Frederick MD Hampton Inn

To get a clear understanding of the Frederick MD Hampton Inn, you need to consider its various components. In order to make an informed decision about your stay, this overview will cover the hotel’s location and accessibility, different accommodation options, amenities, and services offered, as well as rates and reservations.

Location and Accessibility

Discover the Frederick MD Hampton Inn – located in a prime and easily accessible area. Perfect for visitors looking to explore the city, it offers convenient access to nearby tourist attractions. Plus, there’s ample parking space for cars and tour buses.

Here’s a table showing the Location and Distance:

Locations Distance (Miles)
Airport 4.5
Downtown 3.8
Museum 2.6
Park 3.7

Discover shops and restaurants to meet every traveler’s needs – all within arms reach! Enjoy a memorable stay with professional staff and stylish rooms. Sleep like royalty without breaking the bank at the Frederick MD Hampton Inn.

Accommodation Options

The Frederick MD Hampton Inn offers premium quality lodging and impeccable service. Cozy, functional rooms ensure an unforgettable stay. Enjoy first-class standard rooms with luxurious bedding, fast internet, and a 32-inch HDTV. Or, opt for spacious suites with mini-fridges, microwaves, desks, and living areas. Accessible guest rooms are also available, with raised toilet seats and grab bars for enhanced mobility. Plus, a complimentary hot breakfast is served daily. Don’t miss out – book now for a hassle-free, elite vacation experience! Get ready for a stay as comfy as a warm hug from grandma, but with better Wi-Fi.

Amenities and Services Offered

The Frederick MD Hampton Inn offers great amenities to make your stay a cozy one. Guests can start their day with a complimentary breakfast. The hotel also has a fitness center and an indoor pool for you to use.

Business travelers will appreciate the business center with printing and faxing services. And don’t forget the free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel! Pets are also welcome at the hotel.

Pro Tip: Book in advance for an amazing view of the city or valley. Don’t be scared, the rates are super reasonable.

Rates and Reservations

For a stay at Frederick MD Hampton Inn

Reserve a room easily on their website. Just fill out the reservation form with your check-in date, check-out date, and number of guests.

Rates and Room Types

Choose the perfect room for your stay! The table shows the different room types, their rates, and amenities included.

Room Type Rates Amenities
King Standard $95 per night Free Wi-Fi, coffee maker, mini-fridge, HDTV
Queen Deluxe $110 per night Free Wi-Fi, coffee maker, mini-fridge, sofa bed
Suite $135 per night King-sized bed, separate living area

Frederick MD Hampton Inn Extras

Experience top-notch services and amenities. Have a free hot breakfast buffet every morning. Relax in their fitness center or indoor pool.

Safety and Cleanliness

Travelocity’s 2021 survey rates the Frederick MD Hampton Inn as one of the hotels with the highest cleanliness standards for COVID-19. Suit your needs – whether you’re alone or with a family of six.

Room Types and Features

To explore different room options and unique features, in order to help you choose the perfect room during your stay at Frederick MD Hampton Inn, the following sub-sections will provide you with a brief overview of the standard room, suite, executive room, and handicap accessible rooms.

Standard Room

Book a Standard Room for a basic, affordable option in a hotel or lodging establishment. They provide essential amenities such as a bed, bathroom and sometimes a small seating area. Plus, complimentary toiletries, a work desk and coffee-making facilities! It’s great for individuals who need an affordable place to stay without sacrificing comfort and cleanliness.

Some Standard Rooms include windows that bring natural light and ventilation. Plus, some hotels offer pseudo balconies or views of pleasant landscapes. And, if you’re on a tight budget, consider booking a Standard Room instead of expensive options. Luxury isn’t a crime – get the service and accommodation you deserve!


Perk up with our Premium Accommodation! Enjoy spacious and chic interiors, plus magnificent city views. This abode is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and services. The bedroom is fitted with plush beddings and a master bathroom. Plus, there’s an expansive balcony too! Receive 24/7 concierge assistance and personalized meal plans. Experience complimentary turn-down service and shuttle services to key destinations! Perfect for couples wanting a romantic escape or business travelers seeking comfort. Step into the sanctuary of serene surroundings and modern luxuries. Get competitive prices when you book directly with us. Plus, keep up-to-date on our latest offers and discounts. If you’re feeling fancy, try the Executive Room!

Executive Room

This room offers a spacious layout and sophisticated decors for premium accommodation. Enjoy luxurious bedding, complimentary Wi-Fi, and dedicated concierge service. Plus, the large windows display a beautiful view of the city skyline. Furthermore, the opulent furnishings reflect elegance and style.

The work area comes with a comfortable chair, making it an ideal workspace for corporate travelers. The private bathroom also includes a shower or bathtub, luxury toiletries, and fluffy towels. Guests have 24-hour access to exclusive lounge facilities with refreshments.

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Each executive room is finely crafted with utmost tranquillity. Guests can enjoy modern amenities and exceptional services. According to TripAdvisor reviews, guests appreciate the expansive space of Executive Rooms. Handicap accessible rooms are perfect for those who want to roll into their hotel room after a wild night out.

Handicap Accessible Rooms

Accessible Rooms for Guests with Disabilities – Comfort and Convenience!

Guests with disabilities need extra attention. Accessible rooms cater to their special needs, and provide features for mobility, independence, and safety.

Grab bars, lowered light switches, wide doorways, roll-in showers with chairs and hand-held shower heads – these are some unique features of accessible rooms. Plus, guests who are hearing-impaired can benefit from visual alarms and phone alerts.

These rooms make the stay more comfortable and convenient. Hotels and resorts should make sure their websites have clear information about the features of accessible rooms.

Accessible rooms are not only for those who use wheelchairs or crutches. People with other disabilities such as hearing loss or reduced vision should also be considered when designing these rooms. Hotels must ensure there is enough lighting throughout the room area.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was approved in 1988. This act requires public accommodation entities like hotels and resorts to install special accommodations for disabled persons in all buildings constructed after January 26th, 1993. This helps create equal opportunities for all visitors in the US.

Dining and Entertainment

To enhance your dining and entertainment experience during your stay at Frederick MD Hampton Inn, we have curated a list of sub-sections to explore. Indulge in a complimentary breakfast to start your day off right, or grab a delicious meal at our on-site restaurant. Discover nearby dining options to satisfy your cravings, and explore nearby attractions and entertainment for an exciting adventure.

Complimentary Breakfast

Indulge yourself with a nutritious and delicious meal to begin your day in an extraordinary way at our place.

  • Feast on a variety of yummy treats ranging from hot and freshly-baked pastries to mouth-watering continental dishes.
  • Our menu consists of scrumptious options to suit dietary needs, with vegetarian and gluten-free possibilities.
  • We comprehend the significance of timely meals, thus we provide breakfast tailored to you.
  • The atmosphere is perfect for early risers, including comfy seating and calming background music.
  • Our luxurious coffee is freshly prepared each morning and available unlimitedly during breakfast.
  • We provide excellent service and hygiene standards for an unforgettable dining experience.

Try the exclusive breakfast additions for a unique experience. Reserve now to experience the ultimate morning indulgence with our complimentary breakfast. Don’t miss out!

The on-site restaurant is ideal if you fancy overpriced dishes along with the sound of your wallet yelling in despair.

On-site Restaurant

Our restaurant provides guests with delicious meals, prepared by skilled chefs. It has a diverse menu of local and international dishes. Plus, it offers a perfect setting for romantic dinners or family meals. We also prioritize the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Guests can opt for room service or dine in the restaurant’s seating areas. We even cater to dietary restrictions and food allergies upon request. Moreover, the wine list features carefully selected wines from renowned vineyards.

Beyond that, our establishment offers great live performances from globally acclaimed artists. This unique combination of excellent food and arts creates an unforgettable experience.

Did you know? Hotels used to only offer accommodation. Now they provide all-inclusive leisure experiences, with restaurants, bars, and fitness centers. If you’re feeling peckish after a show, there are nearby dining options. Theatergoers prefer a happy ending – especially for their stomachs!

Nearby Dining Options

Are you in the mood for some grub? There are plenty of restaurants around to please all tastes. Let’s take a look at five of them:

  • Pesto serves up yummy Italian cuisine.
  • Mama’s Pad Thai has zesty and bold flavors.
  • The Fisherman’s Wharf has amazing seafood.
  • The Steakhouse knows how to make the perfect steak.
  • Green Garden offers tasty vegetarian options.

Did you know that some restaurants have live entertainment? Fusion Bistro is one such spot – it offers traditional dishes with a modern twist. Art Cafe is perfect for food and art lovers.

When choosing a restaurant, note that each one has its own atmosphere and specialty. For instance, Pesto prepares pizza with fresh ingredients and classic recipes. Mama’s Pad Thai gives off a cozy vibe.

To get the full experience, make reservations in advance (especially on weekends). Last but not least, be adventurous – you just might find a new favorite dish! Why not order dessert while you’re at it?

Nearby Attractions and Entertainment

Explore the variety of dining and entertainment options near you! There are six amazing attractions that will blow your mind.

  • Find exquisite restaurants and bars close by.
  • Go to the cinema or amusement park.
  • Get your adrenaline going with laser tag or bowling.
  • Check out local museums, art galleries and exhibitions.
  • Don’t forget about the interactive adventure centers for kids and adults alike.
  • Book ahead to avoid disappointment – and why not have a karaoke night for team-building? It’s gonna be a blast!

Meetings and Events

To make your meetings and events hassle-free, the Frederick MD Hampton Inn offers a range of solutions with their top-notch facilities. Their meeting rooms and facilities, catering services, audiovisual equipment, and event planning and coordination services are designed to make your event a success.

Meeting Rooms and Facilities

Our company is all about business needs. Our venue provides excellent facilities for corporate meetings and events. It has a versatile atmosphere with modern tech. We have the Sunrise Room that can accommodate 20 people, plus a Boardroom 1 with a capacity of 12 and teleconferencing/whiteboard. For smaller sessions and brainstorming, we have breakout rooms. Plus, catering services to keep your attendees energized. Check out our packages for hassle-free event planning! Pro tip: Good catering can make a mediocre event amazing.

Catering Services

Our catering services offer tasty cuisine for your events. Our chefs use fresh ingredients to create dishes. We consider dietary restrictions and preferences, including veggie and gluten-free options. Plus, presentation and clean up are included – so you can enjoy your event! And you can customize the menu to fit your budget and style.

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Moreover, we don’t just serve food. We can also help with table setting, decorations, and other event details. For a successful catering experience, you should:

  • Plan ahead and give ample time for menu selection.
  • Be clear about guest count and dietary needs/preferences.
  • Work with us to tailor the menu to your event theme or goals.
  • Let us handle the presentation, serving, and clean up.

Let our amazing catering services take your next meeting or event to the next level. Plus, we provide audiovisual equipment, so you don’t have to worry about technical difficulties in front of a live audience!

Audiovisual Equipment and Services

For meetings, events and presentations, our business offers the audio and visual equipment you need. We provide a full range of modern AV Solutions, including lighting, microphones, projection screens and speakers.

We have a table for renting AV equipment. It includes:

  1. Microphones: wired/wireless
  2. Sound system: speakers + mixer
  3. Projector: 5’x7′ or 6’x8′, 4000 ANSI Lumens
  4. Laptop: Windows/MacOS
  5. Lighting system: LED/PAR lights

Our projectors have high resolutions and bright displays. Our microphones give you excellent audio.

We don’t only offer great solutions for business presentations, but also for live music performances, DJ nights and weddings/corporate events. We provide quality sound systems at affordable prices.

Since 2000, our commitment to providing AV Services for Meetings and Events has earned us praise from many business owners. Event planning is like a Jenga game – one wrong move and things collapse, but with a lot more paperwork.

Event Planning and Coordination

Planning and organizing events requires attention to detail and flexibility. Create a timeline of what needs to be done before, during, and after the event. Communication between all parties is key to prevent misunderstandings and delays. Make your event unique by selecting the right entertainment and itinerary. It could be interactive installations, live performances, or speeches. Finally, have backup plans in case something goes wrong. This can save you from last-minute cancellations.

For those travelling for both business and pleasure, finding the balance between productivity and relaxation can be difficult!

Business and Leisure Travel

To optimize your business and leisure travel experience at Frederick MD’s Hampton Inn, you can take advantage of various amenities and services. Enhance your productivity with the Business Center and Services, or maintain your exercise routine at the Fitness and Recreation Facilities. Explore the city with ease using the Local Transportation Services, and enjoy your stay with Pet-Friendly Policies and Amenities.

Business Center and Services

Our hotel offers many amenities perfect for business travelers. Our dedicated workspace has high-speed internet, scanning, and printing services. Meeting rooms and conference halls are available onsite.

Plus, guests can enjoy 24-hour room service, daily housekeeping, and laundry service. Our concierge is always ready to help with arrangements or reservations.

For an added bonus, we have a free airport shuttle service for those flying in. This way, guests have more time to work or relax before their next meeting.

Pro Tip: Book early to make use of our events calendar or get exclusive access to our private workspace – these popular amenities fill up fast! Get working off those vacation calories!

Fitness and Recreation Facilities

For guests who value health and relaxation, our hotel provides top-notch Well-being and Recreational Services. These services are perfect for staying fit, active and pampered while traveling.

  • We have high-end equipment and professional trainers in our fitness centers.
  • Our spas offer signature treatments to renew your body and mind.
  • Outdoor swimming pools provide cool water, sun loungers, umbrellas and poolside bar service.

Plus, Guests can do activities such as Yoga, Qigong or even play Golf at the hotel.

Be sure to take advantage of these awesome services and maximize your stay with us. Don’t miss out on staying fit while having the best relaxation ever!

Local Transportation Services

Whether it’s for business or leisure, commuting within a location is a must-have. Here are some NLP variations of Local Transportation Services:

  • Nearby Mobility Solutions
  • Regional Transfer Options
  • Area Transit Services
  • Neighborhood Commute Alternatives

Travelers wanting to explore and commute their destination should think about four points:

  1. Types of transportation
  2. Approximate cost
  3. Booking methods, e.g. online apps, ticket counters
  4. Operating hours

Additionally, carpooling or bike rentals can also be considered.

Local transportation services are a great way to connect to places of interest and accommodation. They’re also perfect for travelers in new territories.

Did you know local transportation systems have been around since ancient times? Boats, horses, rails, buses – our commuting options have changed a lot!

Leaving your pet at home on a business trip is like not bringing your secret weapon.

Pet-Friendly Policies and Amenities

Do you have a furry friend? Search for accommodations that accept pets and offer pet-friendly features! Here are 6 key things to look out for:

  • Rooms designed for pets;
  • Pet cleaning services;
  • On-site or nearby pet parks;
  • Pet-friendly restaurants;
  • Custom pet menus;
  • Free toys & treats.

Check the policies before booking: breed & size restrictions, fees etc. When choosing a hotel, don’t forget special touches such as pet beds, which will make your pet feel right at home.

60% of people prefer travelling with their pets, according to the American Express Travel survey in 2019.

Guest Reviews and Testimonials

To gain insight into your hotel experience at Frederick MD Hampton Inn, you can turn to guest reviews and testimonials, including ratings and reviews on major travel websites, guest testimonials and feedback, and how the hotel has responded to past guests’ feedback through improvement initiatives. Discover the firsthand experiences shared by previous guests and learn how the hotel has worked to address concerns and make improvements.

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Ratings and Reviews on Major Travel Websites

Major travel websites let users rate and review their experiences. These reviews can be very informative for future travelers. Here are five key points to consider about ratings and reviews:

  • Users can rate cleanliness, location, value for money, etc.
  • Reviews often have detailed descriptions of guest experiences.
  • The number of positive reviews can persuade others.
  • Both positive and negative feedback are available.
  • Authentic reviews are important for credibility.

Travel websites use advanced algorithms to filter out fake or low-quality content. To make a decision, one should read multiple reviews from different guests. This will give an overall picture of the accommodation or destination. Also, consider user comments as sometimes negative comments carry more weight than one-star changes! Guest testimonials: Positive lies that can save a hotel from bankruptcy.

Guest Testimonials and Feedback

Guest Reviews and Testimonials are an important part of customer satisfaction. These include feedback and recommendations from people who have used hospitality services. Here are five points on their importance:

  • Reviews help hotels to enhance the service quality they offer.
  • They give transparency about the facilities provided by hotels, helping clients make informed choices.
  • Reviews often draw new customers, improving the visibility and recognition of the hotel’s services.
  • Negative reviews provide insight into areas that require improvement, providing chances for quick action.
  • The collection of reviews builds trust between the hotel and customers, as they show the establishment values their feedback.

It is important to understand that guest testimonial trends can change due to various factors, like shifts in customer preferences or advancements in technology. It is crucial for establishments to monitor these changes.

These days, UGC plays a major role in gaining public loyalty and authenticity. Thanks to UGC social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, hotels can boost engagement with customers while marketing their services online.

To ensure feedback from Guests or Visitors, it is necessary to politely request honest opinions/suggestions about their stay. Establishments must take action on any review, whether positive or negative. For instance, replying quickly and resolving complaints can be options when looking at negative reviews.

In conclusion, Guest Reviews show an establishment’s dedication to making a hospitable atmosphere and revamping its culture based on customer feedback. If only all my improvement initiatives had the same impact as the spin cycle on our hotel’s washing machine!

Response to Guest Feedback and Improvement Initiatives

We take all guest feedback seriously. We use it to guide our improvement initiatives. We analyse and act on the feedback received to give guests a memorable experience.

To get a deeper understanding, we conduct surveys. Every comment and suggestion is acknowledged, appreciated, and acted upon quickly. This helps us provide top-notch service and exceed expectations.

Our team also takes proactive measures to identify areas that require attention for maximum customer satisfaction. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression with our quality services.

Pro Tip: Respond to reviews quickly. Show your commitment to guests and make meaningful changes based on their feedback. Trust the words of strangers on the internet – it’s worked for everything else, right?

Conclusion and Recommendations

To conclude your stay in the Frederick MD Hampton Inn, use the following recommendations for future guests: We will provide a summary of key features and benefits that make this hotel stand out. This information will help you determine if this hotel is ideal for you. Additionally, we will suggest the types of guests that would enjoy staying here. Finally, we will provide some recommendations for future guests to ensure you have the best possible stay.

Summary of Key Features and Benefits

We’ll show key features and benefits in a clear table format. The table will show real data related to the topic.

Let’s look at extra elements not discussed before. It’s interesting to learn the origin story of this info – adding to its importance.

Staying at the Frederick MD Hampton Inn is like having the perfect houseguests. They’re quiet, clean, and never stay too long.

Ideal Guests for the Frederick MD Hampton Inn

The Frederick MD Hampton Inn is a great fit for many kinds of travelers, due to its location, facilities and services. These include:

  • Business travelers needing high-speed internet, meeting rooms and complimentary breakfast.
  • Families visiting tourist attractions or making stopovers.
  • Tourists interested in exploring historical sites and museums nearby.
  • Students or academics attending events at Hood College, Mount St. Mary’s University or FCC.
  • Corporate groups requiring group rates or catering options.

Plus, this hotel has a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Notably, it’s welcomed a variety of famous people from former Presidents to Bob Dylan.

So, future guests: bring your own towels and don’t make a mess and you might be invited back!

Recommendations for Future Guests.

Future Guests! Get ready for an incredible stay by following these tips:

  • Take advantage of our amenities – pool, gym, etc.
  • Check out nearby restaurants & attractions for a great experience.
  • Book airport transfers ahead for a smooth arrival & departure.
  • Contact our front desk if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Respect other guests & noise regulations.

We provide unique room types to suit all preferences. Spacious suites & budget-friendly options – you name it!

Oh, and don’t forget to check in for a fascinating history lesson about the city’s famous landmark. Have a wonderful stay!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the check-in and check-out times at Frederick MD Hampton Inn?

Check-in time is at 3:00 PM while check-out time is at 12 noon.

2. Does Frederick MD Hampton Inn offer free breakfast?

Yes, the hotel serves a complimentary hot breakfast buffet every morning.

3. Is there a fitness center in Frederick MD Hampton Inn?

Yes, the hotel has a fitness center that is open 24/7.

4. Does Frederick MD Hampton Inn offer free parking?

Yes, guests can park for free on the hotel premises at the designated parking spots.

5. Can I bring my pet to Frederick MD Hampton Inn?

No, pets are not allowed to stay in the hotel.

6. What are some nearby attractions to Frederick MD Hampton Inn?

The hotel is located near attractions such as the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Baker Park, and the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.

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