Westview Promenade

Westview Frederick MD

If you live in the Frederick area then you probably know all about the activities stories and things available, however if you're not familiar with the Westview area, I put together this helpful list.

Here what you can do at the Westview Promenade: You can go to the movies at the Regal Cinema, grab a bite to eat at Matusake or Chipotle, shop at Chico's and finally get some desert the the Maggie Moo's. You can also grab drinks and play pool and listen to music at Champion's Billiards.

Promenade Cinema Frederick MD

Catching a movie at the Regal Cinema makes a perfect Friday or Saturday date night activity. Instead of driving up and down around the front parking lot looking for people leaving in order to find a parking space, there's plenty of movie parking in the back. It's not a big secret, but let's say you're in from out of town, you might not know that there's typically plenty of parking in the back. This is  true unless there's a huge movie blockbuster like Avengers or Fast and Furious, then you might find yourself making your own parking space.

Movie ticket prices are reasonable around $13-15. They have a cool fountain near the entrance that make good spot for pictures and or wishes. Seating is comfortable but if it's packed or you are used to the reclining seats, bad news it's pretty tight in there and does not recline. In my experience, I have never experience a bad movie hiccup or skipping and sometimes the manager comes in an tell you to wait until the end of a movie to see the post credit scenes. They really go a long way in order to make sure you have a great movie experience.


There are plenty of good restaurants in the Westview area that are budget friendly. You can dine at several restaurants along the backside of the promenade or choose more of you more traditional eats like Friday's and Maggianos. Don't worry no matter what you or the most finicky eater in your group may want to eat today. There's plenty of options to keep satisfied.


Mod Pizza is the nearest pizza option in the area in Westview. However you could probably get a good pizza a Maggiano's and the pies at Manulu (a quick 2 minute drive away) are pretty good too. So if you have a nagging taste for marinara and toppings then you hit up Mod Pizza or make quick 10 minute drive to Toppings pizza place. Personally, I like Mod Pizza because they have vegan cheese and lots of veggie toppings on a personal pizza.

It all depends on your crust preference. Personally, I think really thin crust with high quality toppings and red pepper flakes is the recipe of a good pie. However if you like thick crust or deep you can make a 15 minute drive to Uno's Pizzeria where you can get a Chicago style crust.

Coffeshops: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Baltimore Coffee

Need a quick pick me up in the morning? Looking for a post dinner iced coffee or latte? Westview has plenty options to keep you caffeinated. I like Starbucks iced coffee but actually like Baltimore Coffee's hot coffee a bit more. You can choose from a variety of imported coffee beans if you are looking brew cups at home. 

However if you don't want Starbucks and want a coffee and donut and you didn't go to awesome Krispy Kreme on the backside of the promenade you can take a quick ride down I-85 to grab a coffee and a donut at the Dunkin Donuts.


Try Sushi Denshi, Matusake, or make a quick drive up I-85 to Old Dominion. The Sushi there is awesome.

Conclusion: Don't Miss Out  on Events & Concerts

From time to time Westview has special events. You can definitely catch a concert or two at Champion's Billiards Sports Bar for live music. Around Christmas, Westview will decorate the Promenade. There's always some cool do at the promenade. Hopefully this helps.

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